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Beyond The


  • The story of L's bespoke ring

    B came to us with two beautiful but odd shaped Green Toumalines and wanted a custom designed ring for her daughter L's 21st birthday. This is the design we both liked as it showed off the stones' unusual shape whilst protecting them.

  • The Story of D's Customized necklace

    When D asked if we could customize a necklace with her children's names, we went a step further to have her handwritten names immortalized in gold so they would always be close to her heart.

  • The Story of G's Bespoke Choker

    G's new bespoke Diamond choker. A fresh twist to that uses the diamonds from her mother in law's pendant that was hidden n her safety deposit box for too many years.


    E told us that his girlfriend H is a very understated kind of girl. She does not say a lot, but when she does it holds weight.
    She like simplicity and timeless elegance. And he wanted the ring to reflect what he loves about her and to convey his promise of forever.

    Classic looking overhead, H’s ring profile is designed to look like two hands holding the cushion cut diamond as a promise.

  • The story of C & H


    “Perfect partners”

    Brought together by dance, and connected by their 
    chemistry with each other.
    The overhead view of the ring is classic and the story is designed into the profile of the ring with a silhouette of two dancers with arms meeting in the middle.



    C is creative and loves organic curved finishes.
    S likes order and geometric lines.
    Individuals with different but complimentary personalities. So we designed a rings to capture and celebrate their differences and promise of forever.

    The idea:
    Fuse two different metals of different textures into the infinity symbol reflecting the coming together of two individuals and their eternal promise.

    For her, we handcrafted a ring fusing high polish rose gold and matt, faceted silver.
    For him, we fused high polish platinum with matt, faceted silver.