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Carrie K. Stories: 6 Women who Charted their Journey

When Carrie K. conceived JOURNEY with Paige Parker, we wanted to create a purposeful jewellery collection that would inspire other women to chart their own journey. We were thoroughly encouraged by Paige's story of her Guinness World Record-setting road trip across 116 countries, and as soon as the pieces were produced we knew we were on to making something BIG. 

Paige's journey was just the beginning -- we had 6 other friends step forward to share their own stories of charting their own journey. From motherhood to career to even fitness, their stories and reflections are heartfelt and introspective. Go ahead and read what they have to share and glean from their little lessons and nuggets.


Tjin Lee

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“How do I stop?” I asked her. She said, “You just get off. You just stop. There were times in my journey around the world, where I couldn’t get out, even if I wanted. This is easy, you just decide to stop and you do”. . Thank you @iampaigeparker for being there for me in the last few years of my running Singapore Fashion Week. You’ve seen it at its peak, in all its blazing glory, and also seen me at my lowest, when I was burnt out, and at the end of my rope. Sometimes making the decision to stop doing something you’ve always done, can seem harder than just carrying on doing what you know. . “What will I do next? It’s all I know, it’s what I am” I said to her. “You can do anything you want, you’re still you,” she said, and so set me free. . I’m so proud to be part of the launch of JOURNEY - a collection of jewellery designed by my dear friend @iampaigeparker with CarrieK. . Inspired by Paige’s epic round-the world trip, as featured in @dontcallmemrsrogers where she traveled by car to over 100 countries in over 3 years, Paige created this collection to inspire women to chart their own course, 50% of the sale of the collection will go to @unwomensg . This collection is close to my heart, women supporting women, using collaborations to empower, and above all, a reminder of my friend Paige’s wisdom, fearlessness, courage and the message to myself, that life is a journey, not a destination. . The JOURNEY Paige Parker x @Carrie k_rocks collection launches 3 November, I’m wearing the Globe Ear Jacket, the Compass Signet ring and the Compass chain link necklace #unstoppable #paigeparkerxcarriek .Thanks for the photo @confettipeektures

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Tjin is wearing the Silver Compass Signet Ring in Red Garnet, the Silver Globe Ear Jackets in Red Garnet, and the Compass Link Chain Necklace in 9K Rose Gold and White Moonstone  


Janice Koh 

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How do you navigate this journey called life? To be honest, I’m not a big planner. I may be driven, but I like going with the flow, and being open to new adventures and opportunities. Perhaps that’s what attracts me to yoga and performance. You can’t overthink it. Just focus on being in the moment, being present, listening, and taking the next step. . These beautiful pieces I’m wearing are from the new Journey collection, a collaboration between @carriek_rocks and @iampaigeparker, which were inspired by Paige’s love of travel, and her epic road trip detailed in her recently released book ‘Don’t Call Me Mrs Rogers’. . It features icons of navigational tools such as the compass, as well as gemstones that hold special meanings to wish people courage, perseverance, protection and direction through life’s journey. . For me, they are the perfect reminder that the journey or process itself is oftentimes far more enriching and rewarding than the destination. . Even better, 50% of profits from the Journey collection will be donated to the Singapore Committee for UN Women to support programmes that empower women and level the playing field. The collection officially drops on Monday 5 Nov. . Find out how you can support this meaningful campaign by visiting . . . #chartyourjourney @dontcallmemrsrogers

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Janice is wearing the Silver Compass Signet Ring in Swiss Blue Topaz, the 9K Rose Gold Globe Ear Jackets in Red Garnet, and the Compass Long Necklace in 9K Rose Gold and White Moonstone.  


Dolores Au

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***Reflections*** I learned from a very young age that life is unpredictable. One moment you’re running around with boundless energy, and in the next, struck down with febrile fits and on medication for epilepsy for 3 years. I was only 8 years old. Yesterday, I found out that a close friend’s toddler was similarly stricken with febrile fits, but the virus is now causing brain inflammation and the baby is in a coma. My heart broke. I feel her pain and the fragility of our mortality pummelled my soul once more. Such is life. Such is our journey through this unpredictable terrain of humanity. We can choose how we make our next moves, but we can never predict the outcome nor can we tell how it’ll change us. Don’t wait for the rainbow that might never appear after the rain; dance in the rain instead. Don’t wait till your work is done to tell your children and spouse how much you love them. Don’t dwell on how people who don’t matter judge you and just live your life well, head held high. Doing our best at life is the best legacy we can leave behind when our journey ends. . I wear my Journey collection proudly. A beautiful set of rose gold and moonstone ensemble inspired by elements of travel like a compass and a globe. A subtle reminder of charting my life’s journey daily by making the best decision I can as a woman. The Journey collection is a collaboration between 2 amazing women- @carriek_rocks and @iampaigeparker - who are charting their journey by making a difference in the lives of others. 50% of profits from the sale of the jewellery will contribute to @unwomensg in helping empower women to #chartyourjourney. Find out how you can support by visiting . . . . . . #honestmotherhood #reflections #sgmummy #sgmum #motherhoodunplugged #livelifetothefullest #notanad #workingmom #momlife

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Dolores is wearing the 9K Rose Gold Compas Link Chain Bracelet in White Moonstone, the 9K Rose Gold Compass Signet Ring in White Moonstone, and 9K Rose Gold Compass Long Necklace in White Moonstone.  


Oon Shu An 

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“Journey is built on the message of taking control of one’s life and not letting the journey lead the way.” #carriekxpaigeparker @dontcallmemrsrogers . . Career-wise, I’m generally quite go with the flow, what is meant to be will be. I think because to me, it is always more about the people that I work with and the environment rather than the job, or the role etc. . . How interesting then, that with regard to the thing that was most important to me, it was only recently that I started to believe I should take some kind of control over the people and environment of my life? . . “We accept the love we believe we deserve.” . . Perhaps the perennially lonely child that I was had convinced me that not having many friends meant I hadn’t done enough to deserve love and respect. That I must have dropped the ball somewhere. And that if I set personal boundaries, then no one would love me anymore. . . Fast forward into adulthood, I’ve realized that I would make countless excuses for people overstepping boundaries. Maybe they didn’t mean it, maybe it was my fault, we are all human etc. Everyone is going through their own journey, it isn’t that they are bad people, I do shitty things too, it’s just that maybe right now, we aren’t the right fit. So, I set a limit. And past that, a choice. I can choose. I can choose what kind of energy I want to keep near me. I can choose what I accept and what I don’t. I can choose not to let the fear of not having friends guide me. And if that means being alone, so be it. . . . Instead of being guided by the fear of being lonely, I choose to be guided by love and respect for myself. And you know what. It is MAKING SPACE for so many people who want good things for me, and me for them. . . It is difficult to make choices on this journey, but using self love as a guide is making my journey a better one. 👣 . . The Journey collection is a collaboration between @carriek_rocks and @iampaigeparker. 50% of profits from the sale of the jewellery will contribute to @unwomensg in helping empower women to #chartyourjourney. Find out how you can support by visiting

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Shu An is wearing the Silver Compass Link Short Necklace in London Blue Topaz, the Silver Globe Ear Jackets in Swiss Blue Topaz, and Silver Compass Signet Ring in Swiss Blue Topaz.


Lexie Rodriguez

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#chartyourjourney: As I take this new journey into motherhood, I often think about the life lessons I’ve learnt that I want to share most with Leo - “staying authentic” and the best way I’ve learnt to do that is to put the deepest trust in your heart. Life and society will always tell you to dress, live, travel, work, even LOVE a certain way. I’ve never been one to follow trends and most certainly didn’t follow the conventional education path. I don’t let life tell me what to do, I let my intuition and heart guide me which has led me to always live a truly passionate and authentic life. I am blessed to have family and friends who allow me to do that and my biggest gift to baby Leo is to allow him to do the same. This “Journey” collection by @carriek_rocks and @iampaigeparker @dontcallmemrsrogers is so much more than beautiful statement jewelry, its pieces that will remind you to always steer your own course, trust your gut and follow your heart. An every day reminder on those days you need that little extra courage. See the full collection in my bio and you will fall in love with it too. 50% of profits will also be going to support @unwomensg ♥️ #carriekxpaigeparker #journey #travel #love #ootd

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Lexie is wearing the Silver Compass Signet Ring in Tiger Eye, the Silver Compass Link Short Necklace in London Blue Topaz and the Silver Compass Long Necklace in London Blue Topaz.


Trina Liang

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What's the most fascinating JOURNEY you've been on lately? Write about that perhaps, she said. After much thought... it's got to be my Strength training journey this year. It's not been easy and it's been very slow progress's not all about building muscle but as much abt building mental resilience too. I'm still enjoying the journey... n it's one with no exact destination... Just lots of sweat n pain along the way..... #livestrong #lovestrong. . @iampaigeparker and @carolyn.kan - thanks for challenging me to stop, think and reflect on my various life journeys. The ones that get me on a plane to go some place far away .. and the ones where the journeys are right here, right now n every day. . I'm wearing beautiful navigation inspired jewelry pieces (earrings, bracelet, pendent, ring) from the Paige Parker x Carrie K.: Unfurling Journey collection. Each piece bearing significant meaning to Paige in her epic round-the-world-journey documented in her recently released best-selling biography "Don't Call Me Mrs Rogers". . Her book also documents her first hand sights and insights into the myriad issues faced by women around the world. As such 50% of profits from the Journey collection will be donated to the Singapore Commitee for UN Women, supporting programs that empower women : education, health, employment. . For more details on how to support this great effort, pls visit #friendsonthisjourney #carrieK #beStrong #livestrong #muscle #strengthtraining #womenstrong.

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Trina is wearing the 9K Yellow Gold Compass Link Short Necklace in Swiss Blue Topaz, the 9K Yellow Gold Compass Link Chain Bracelet in Swiss Blue Topaz, the 9K Yellow Gold Compass Ear Jackets in London Blue Topaz, and the 9K Yellow Gold Compass Signet Ring in London Blue Topaz.



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