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Better Together: Trilliant Friendship

Lessons learnt from living in the time of the Coronavirus; friendships are the secret to one’s well-being, especially in times of crisis. Scientists have found a link between social relationships and health. People with more friends live longer than those who were socially isolated. That means, amidst growing fears of contagion, we will need our friends more than ever, even if we have to be friendly from a distance.

Humans are wired to be social animals. We usually come together to deal with a crisis. However, in this crisis we are instructed to stay apart, which is counter intuitive to our nature. If anything we need to socialize more than ever, to quell each other’s anxiety, to commiserate over disappointments and disruptions, to make each other laugh.

The irony of isolation is that people are making more of an effort to check on each other and to stay connected virtually. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Inspired by those whom we miss, Carrie K. will launch the Trilliant series, our ode to friendship and sisterhood on 22nd June. Featuring the custom Carrie K. Trilliant cut gem, these new friendship jewellery designs were created to be the physical connector of friends, especially as we have to stay apart. Trilliant means “better than brilliant”, so we have created a range featuring custom cut trilliant gems in faceted or cabochon polish to match each better-than-brilliant friend.

The Trilliant jewellery is designed to look elegant on its own, and they are even better stacked together. Better together much like us with our best friends. True to Carrie K. signature style of offering versatility, this collection is designed to suit everyday wear on its own or layered to create a statement. 

Pre-order this collection for you and your bestie and receive your order by 20th June, ahead of our launch. Order 2 or more designs and get 10% off, only until Best Friends day, 8th June.

Better together

Participate in our Instagram contest to win the Trilliant friendship stacking rings.

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