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Meet the Carrie K. Family

Ever wondered about the stories behind the stories? 
On the occasion of Carrie K.'s 10th Birthday, we turned the spotlight on the Carrie K. Family.


Storyteller, People Connector, Founder

Carolyn loves a good story and boy can she spin one. It’s no secret that she is a jewellery junkie who started to “borrow” her mum’s jewellery once she started walking. She says she’s living the dream, because she gets to weave people’s stories into happy, shiny jewellery that their daughters would want to “borrow” too.

My favourite childhood stories are... any by Dr Seuss because he dishes out wisdom dressed as wit and fun. One of my favourite quotes is, “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in a mutual weirdness and call it love.”



Jewel Wrangler, Gadget Prospector, Director

When Chong is not hand-crafting jewellery in his workshop, he troubleshoots practically everything and ensures that everyone is well-connected with speedy WiFi.

If you could be a superhero/villian, who would you be?
Deadpool. So that I can be politically incorrect all the time!



Sparkle Controller, Task Herder, General Manager

To call Tessalyn a workaholic is an understatement. When she's not juggling a hundred things, she levitates and mentally time-travels to zap future problems with her mind-laser, ensuring that the present remains a gift.

If you could restart your career, you would...
be the Chief of Staff at the White House! Then I’d be wearing colour-coordinated pantsuits (with matching shoes) all day, every day...


Sim Lee

Dream Maker, Pattern Illustrator, Senior Designer

Sim Lee takes stories and turns them into unique wearable designs. She can usually be found sketching away, or spending some quality time with the 3D printer.

If you could be a superhero/villian, who would you be?
Gru from Despicable Me, because he has lots of minions working for him! *evil laugh*



Treasure Keeper, Number Cruncher, Finance Manager

Diane has a special affinity for numbers. She tames unruly calculations and makes figures line up in neat rows and columns. She is secretly a shopaholic.

You are stranded on a desert island. Your survival kit contains one of the following: Bubble tea or Korean skincare products?
Bubble tea, of course! I literally can't survive without bubble tea!



Shine Assurer, Eagle Eyes, Production Executive

Ili has keen vision; she can spot microscopic flaws with her almost-naked eyes. We breathe more easily knowing quality control is in her good hands.

In the Harry Potter universe, you are...
Neville Longbottom! He is loyal and steadfast, brave and big-hearted, someone who people can trust to help them out of a difficult situation. Plus he has a Remembrall, which really helps at work when you have lots to remember...



Pearl Stylist, Miss Sunshine, Sales Consultant

Shiela has the ability to make anyone feel right at home in her company. She knows which type of jewellery looks best on you, and she has a knack for helping pick out the perfect gift. Her friendly and bubbly personality is fueled mainly by her staple diet of white rice and iced milk tea.

If you could be a superhero/villian, who would you be?
Wonder Woman! She is sure of herself and is a great example that women are strong and their voices deserve to be heard. Confidence is sexy.



Gem Whisperer, Resident Genie, Sales Consultant

Charming and witty, Sim is like your old friend who just happens to know a lot about jewellery and styling. Recently, he's discovered that pearl necklaces look good on him.

If you could restart your career, what would you do?
I'd be a photographer for National Geographic, living a life full of adventure (and danger)!



Word Polisher, Sentence Completer, Marketing Executive

Jax frowns at her screen a lot. When she is not busy wordsmithing, she can be found silently rehearsing her next punchline. Some would say her puns are... rather punishing.

In the Harry Potter universe, you are...
The giant squid living in the Hogwarts lake. I lurk just below the surface, sometimes pulling your leg, or lending a helping tentacle in times of need.


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