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Carrie K. Inspiring Women Series: Paige Parker

As passionate story-tellers, we have been lucky enough to be surrounded by so many stories which often leave us feeling inspired and thankful.  We felt the need to share them with you which is why we introduced the Carrie K. Inspiring Women series, a collection of real personal stories by inspiring ladies and their story on love, strength and resilience. 

Chapter 1: Paige Parker

Who is she? 

A philanthropist, certified gemologist  and a writer, Paige Parker is a true multi-hyphenate supermum of two. Having achieved the Guinness World Record for her epic 3-year road trip with her husband Jim Rogers, Paige later went on to conclude her journey with the Straits Times best-selling Don’t Call Me Mrs Rogers. 

We sat down with Paige to talk about some of the most challenging moments in her life and what she does to tackle the lemons life may throw her way. Watch her full video interview below as she shares her story. Alternatively, you may wish to skip to The Dialogue. 

The Dialogue 

Was there ever a time where you were faced with a challenge you thought you could not overcome? And how did you overcome it eventually?
When Jim and I drove around the world, we drove through Angola which was in civil war. And we were stopped at gunpoint by soldiers. We were forced to sleep at a military camp, and I thought my life was over. It happened to be my mother’s birthday, June 3rd. And I wasn't very religious at that time and I was praying to anybody who would listen, please let us get through this night. And then fortunately, the next day, one of the young soldiers brought his superior to us and he spoke a bit of english. And he said to us, we stopped you because we have mined the bridge and if we didn’t stop you and you have driven across the bridge, you would have been blown into bits and pieces. So the fear that I had that I wouldn't make it through that actually saved my life. So it’s one of those stories where you think sometimes you think you are not going to get through it, and you can, you will and maybe actually it’s not as bad as you thought it was originally. 

How do you psych yourself when you are faced with a tough situation?
One of my mantras in life is “mind over matter”, and I honestly believe that all of us can do far more than we can believe. So I persevere, I set my intention, I set my mind to it and then, I basically make the matter out of the way and make it happen. 

What fuels your positivity?
Life. No matter how hard it gets, we are going to get through. And one of my mantras is “this too shall pass”. And it always does, it always will. Perseverance. 

What is your mission in life?
Well, that’s an impossible question. My mission in life? Does anybody have a single answer to that? I would say that as a mother, my goal is rear kind daughters who are confident and independent and care about others and themselves. And of course, I want to be a good daughter. I want to be a good wife. I want to be a good role model, a good human. I want to fight for female equality. The things that I think are truly important for females now. I think that my mission is not singular, I have many. And with each phase in life, we fulfil a mission. And I continue with many missions.  

What piece of advice would you give to your daughters if they were stuck in a situation only they can resolve?
If possible, I would say sleep on it. Because often in the moment, we think that we can’t deal with this situation. And sometimes a bit of time gives us perspective. Also, perseverance. If we think we can’t get something done, if you keep at it, if you keep at it, and you look at different avenues, you could probably find a way to make it happen. And I think those are the perseverance and a little bit of time and perspective would be the things that could bring you to ultimately succeed. 

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About the collection

According to astrologists, a starburst galaxy is formed with the collision of two galaxies, resulting in the formation of new stars. Hence, the Starburst Collection is a poignant reminder that stars can be born from unexpected challenges. Through this collection, we hope to inspire strength, resilience and light to anyone who needs it.

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