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Carrie K. x Ophir: A Tale of Two Jewellery Addicts and Storytellers Designing a Golden Collection

Norman Tan (editor-in-chief of Esquire) first approached Carrie K. to create a bespoke piece to honour his late grandmother, one of the wisest person he knew. “I wanted to create a statement gold bracelet to remember my grandmother who always cherished knowledge and education. And when I thought about who represents wisdom, King Solomon came to mind,” shares Norman. 



Like two peas in a pod, Norman and Carolyn share a passion for craftsmanship, jewellery and storytelling. Norman shared a sketch of his Wisdom bracelet idea and listed practical considerations in the engineering of the bracelet. Firstly, the hinge of the bracelet should be invisible. Because he never takes off his jewellery, Norman requested that the bracelet clasp be secure enough to withstand gym workouts, and being a world traveller, it should be easily removable with one hand if airport security required it.  The Carrie K. team took more than 1,000 hours, to develop the details of the idea. First with pencil sketches and paper mock-ups to ascertain the proportions of the Wisdom bracelet. After five versions of prototypes, the perfectly scaled crown could be worn on its own or fit perfectly in a stack. Every detail of the brief was met from the invisible hinge, to the one-handed release clasp. The final touch was the detailed hand-etching of the Wisdom bracelet to make the simple idea regal in its attention to detail.  

When the unique Wisdom bracelet was spotted on the wrist of its stylish storyteller, Carrie K. started getting enquiries about ordering the bracelet and that’s how the Carrie K. x Ophir collaboration started. The Wisdom bracelet and Wisdom ring is the first of Norman Tan’s ‘Ophir’ jewellery line—Ophir was the name of the mine where King Solomon sourced his gold. 


 “After we created the one-of-a-kind Wisdom bracelet that Norman designed, we received requests to order it, which reinforced the gap we saw in the fine jewellery market,” 

– Carolyn Kan, Founder of Carrie K. 


Inspired by King Solomon and his hallmark as the wisest man in history, the design takes after the silhouette of a medieval crown, made modern by detailing strong and clean lines. The Wisdom bracelet and Wisdom ring are a daily touch of luxury. Made of 18K gold, the bracelet averages at 40g of gold and the ring averages 9g of gold. It is not just refined in its finishing and quality of material, it is designed to stand the test of time and made to last.


“Because I wanted to wear this bracelet all the time, not only did it need to be beautifully crafted, but also robust. I wear my bracelet to sleep, in the shower, and even at the gym. I’ve road-tested the Wisdom bracelet and it has survived HIIT classes and burpees. I never take it off.” 

– Norman Tan



The collection is designed for both the gentlemen and ladies who seek handcrafted uniqueness and versatility – it looks great when worn alone or may be stacked together for a bold statement look, and it also makes for the perfect couple jewellery. Each piece of the Wisdom collection is made-to-order and takes about eight weeks to ensure that each handcrafted piece is created with great attention to detail and undergoes stringent quality management before it reaches its new owner. The Carrie K x Ophir collaboration with Norman Tan is a continuation of our passion to partner with like-minded storytellers who loves jewellery and have a story they want to tell through their pieces. 


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