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Celebrating the Spirit of Togetherness

The spirit of togetherness in Singapore has inspired the stories told through three Carrie K. modern heirloom jewellery collections — the star motif in Malay Songket is featured in the Star Collection, the Peranakan tile inspired the Heritage Collection, and the story of the Singapore National Theatre is celebrated in the Icon Collection. 

Our unique modern heirloom jewellery designs re-interpret and honour our Singapore heritage and culture, in hopes that these stories will continue to be told for generations to come. At Carrie K., we design pieces that mum’s love and daughters want to “borrow”, so we give a lot of thought to designing jewellery pieces that are interchangeable, featuring earrings and rings that transform into a myriad of different looks to suit your every occasion.


The Star Collection

Taking inspiration from the Malay Songket, a luxurious traditional fabric that is hand-woven and intricately patterned with gold or silver threads. This garment is usually worn during festivals and on special occasions like weddings. The collection takes design cues from the most popular motifs commonly found on the Songket – the “Bintang Beralih”, which means “Changing Star”.



The Songket’s two-stage weaving technique reflects the essence of “Gotong Royong” or “Cooperation in a community”.   

This collection hopes to remind us of the community spirit of helping your neighbour and togetherness which weaves people together, the kampung spirit in each and every one of us. It is to celebrate fellowship and to remind ourselves to continue helping our neighbours.



The Heritage Collection

 A contemporary interpretation of Singapore’s cultural diversity, the Heritage Collection is fashioned after the iconic Peranakan tile. The intricate designs on the ceramic tiles feature aspects of all cultures and old neighbourhoods from Chinatown, to Little India and Geylang Serai. Interestingly, each family would have their own tile that symbolises a belief that they value. The tile that has inspired the Heritage collection talks about the Chinese ideal of four generations living harmoniously under one roof. 



The design features visual icons with the four-cornered roof and four inner strokes that represent the four generations. It is also a manifestation of Singapore’s inclusive multicultural and multi-racial society. With the Heritage Collection, we want to bestow happiness, harmony, togetherness, and security.



The Icon Collection

The Icon Collection drew inspiration from the social history and design of Singapore’s National Theatre. The diamond motif of the Icon collection is the distillation of the National Theatre’s architectural elements and Singapore’s spirit of inclusivity and collaboration on which it was built.  In recognition of this national monument and its significance in Singapore’s history, Carrie K. pays homage to her Singaporean roots by incorporating the visual inspiration of the National Theatre’s diamond shape as part of the Icon collection. 


Through combined efforts, the National Theatre was built using funds raised by the government and public through the “a-dollar-a brick” campaign, commemorating Singapore’s self-governance. Though the National Theatre has been abolished, it still remains an iconic symbol of collaboration as it demonstrates how success is achieved through cooperation and commitment from Singaporeans coming from all walks of life.



The spirit of togetherness

The three collections all feature narratives from various cultural and ethnic groups, and they are all stackable across the collections. At Carrie K., we wish to offer you the creative freedom to forge your very own Singapore story by mixing and matching the jewellery pieces. Therefore, not only does it encapsulate the multi-ethnic Singapore story, it is the perfect collection to express and create a unique style reflective of your personal and cultural identity. The jewellery pieces also make a unique Singapore gift!

If you would like to try on any of the pieces, please book an appointment with us and we will close the Atelier for your private shopping pleasure!  

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