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Gift Ideas for Mothers' Day

We often tell our customers that we design jewellery hoping that mums would wear and daughters would "steal". Whilst we don't advocate jewellery theft, we have always intended for our pieces to be put on and adored by both mothers and daughters alike. 

This Mothers' Day, we've curated eight different jewellery sets to pamper mum truly. Whether you're picking a piece of rock to celebrate the true rock in your family, or choosing an elegant ear bling to appreciate your mum's contributions, these sets are stackable and wearable separately -- so you could share the set with your mum, or let her wear it in its full glamour.

Happy shopping, and to all the mums out there, we wish you a happy Mothers' Day!

For those who like a touch of colour 

If you and mum both love jewellery but could never agree on whether there should be colour, these stackable rings and ear pieces come in subtle hues, so the flamboyant one amongst you could wear the coloured piece, whilst the minimalist can take the one in white topaz and silver.
Star Trilliant Ring Set, consisting of Star Outer Ring, and Trilliant Solitaire Ring


Trilliant Star Ear Jacket


Heritage Ear Jackets


For the statement lovers

Sometimes, our penchant for statement jewellery can only be inherited from the only fashion role model at home. Mums and daughters who jostle for bling can share these chic yet elegant sets.
Statement Star Ear Jacket


The Statement Star Trilliant Ring Set, consisting of Open Star Ring, and Trilliant Solitaire Ring


For those who treasure meaningful gifting

These two sets are favourites from our Heritage and Star collection, as the pieces symbolise the ideals of a happy family living under one roof, and camaraderie in our community respectively.
Heritage Star Ring set, consisting of Heritage Outer Ring, and Star Ring


Star Studs with Pearl Drops (in-store exclusive)


For the adventurous mother-daughter duos

By now you might have been familiarised with Carrie K.'s Pearl Necklace. It's the perfect example of classic jewellery with a twist, and aptly designed for both generations to wear proudly. The versatility of the necklace allows it to be donned several ways, and even detached into two strands for each of you to wear. 
Carrie K.'s signature Pearl Necklace (in-store exclusive)
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