Introducing Journey

October 24, 2018

Introducing Journey

Journey Paige Parker Carrie K.


Come November, Carrie K. proudly unveils Journey, our latest jewellery collaboration with philanthropist, gemmologist, and author, Paige Parker. Throughout the following weeks, we will be featuring Paige Parker, her newly launched book Don’t Call Me Mrs Rogers, and talking about our latest jewellery pieces in detail. In the meantime, here are some teasers you can look forward to about Journey.

116 countries. 6 continents. 2 persons. 3 years. 1 epic Journey.
It all started with a mission to document the world at the turn of the millennium, on 1stJanuary 1999, when Paige Parker and Jim Rogers set off on an adventure around the world in a one-of-a kind, canary yellow Mercedes. The road trip would set a Guinness World Record for Paige and a second for Jim, who previously managed the same feat on a motorcycle.

Take the Journey. Not the other way round.
One might expect the high life, driving by sunny beaches and pristine oceans, and a trunk full of shopping bags on a seemingly endless lovers’ getaway, yet the road trip was far from a luxurious voyage. Instead, Paige slept in tents, got stuck in ditches, faced harassment and was even held at gunpoint. While one could be forgiven for feeling resent or throwing tantrums under such situations, Paige’s distress were largely met with nonchalance from Jim. Paige would realise that she had to jostle for control and decision-­­making during the trip, even if that meant getting confrontational with Jim. No longer just a passenger, Paige was now sharing the wheel.

Journey Paige Parker Carrie K.

The Journey collection is born
Nearly two decades since the trip, Paige is now an active patron of local arts, a member on multiple boards, a champion of women’s rights, and most importantly a mother to two daughters. The message of taking control of the journey still holds dear to her heart, and the desire to instill this value to her daughters, coupled with Carrie K.’s penchant for creating versatile modern heirlooms that tell meaningful stories, led to the birth of the Journey collection.

Journey Jewellery Collection

Icons of navigation and meaningful gemstones
The visuals of Journey borrow from navigational and wayfinding tools such as the compass and the gyroscope. The gemstones for the collection include Red Garnet, Blue Topaz, Moonstone and Green Onyx, symbolizing passion, courage, strength and protection.

Journey Paige Parker

Jewellery with a purpose.
Hoping to help other women chart their own journeys, 50% of the profits from Journey will be donated to the Singapore Committee for UN Women that runs programmes that empower women through education and job opportunities.

Stay tuned for the launch of Journey very soon!


Ring Size Chart
 Inner Circumference Carrie K. Size/ US, Canada, Mexico UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand Italy, Spain, Netherlands France Germany
46.8 mm 4 H 6.75 46 1/2 15
48 mm 4.5 I 8 47 3/4 15 1/4
49.3 mm 5 J 1/2 9.25 49 15 3/4
50.6 mm  5.5 K 1/2 10.5 50 1/4 16
51.9 mm 6 L 1/2 11.75 52 3/4 16 1/2
53.1 mm 6.5 M 1/2 13.25 54 17
54.4 mm 7 N 1/2 14.5 55 1/4 17 1/4