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Promise of Love & Luck

Have you heard the song “Accidentally in Love” by Counting Crows, maybe from the movie, Shrek? Unlike what the song suggests, love is a constant choice. Whether you just started dating, just got married or have been married for years, you will realise that love takes effort. Even as a single person, everyday, you have to find reasons to love yourself. 

The most important love is self-love. It’s the first secret to confidence and unlocking your limitless potential. Believing in yourself and being reminded that you are enough despite your shortcomings. Especially when life gets tough, we have to be constantly reminded that we are loved, and yes, choosing to love ourselves and others despite the challenges. Despite their quirks. Despite the differences. Despite everything. 

Everyday Key Duo Clip, Everyday Key Duo Toggle, Everyday Lock Duo Clip

Starting off the year with a new Everyday Promises collection, we are taking the overlooked objects of everyday to represent meaningful promises that we hold close to our hearts. Lock & Key: Promise of love and luck. For those who would like to be reminded that love chooses them everyday and to, in return choose love, we designed the lock and key to fit the Carrie K. pearl necklace. We are unlocking the potential of a traditional pearl necklace by pushing the limits and making it possible for them to be worn as a non-formal jewelry. 

Here are a few ways you can wear the promise of love and luck with a Carrie K. pearl necklace:

Does the everyday promise speak to you? We will be hosting Pearl Bar workshops to share more about pearls and how to style them without looking old and stiff.

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