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Meaningful Wedding Bands for Sentimental Couples

Wearing a wedding band on the finger isn’t exactly a tradition that runs amongst the British Royal males, with Prince Philip and Prince William eschewing the practice. Prince Charles still wears his wedding ring from his marriage to the late Princess Diana, albeit tucked behind his gold signet ring on his pinky. So when Prince Harry chose to wear a ring for his wedding with Meghan Markle – on his ring finger – heads turned and the spotlight shone once again on the ring that has held significant meaning for centuries.

With flashy diamonds and extravagantly coloured gemstones on engagement rings frequently nabbing the attention, wedding bands – in their simplicity and minimalism – tend to be seen as the less attractive sibling to its engagement counterpart.

Yet the significance and history of the wedding band dates back to Egyptian traditions. The circle, as the Egyptians deemed, is a symbol of infinity and eternity. Even wearing the band on the ring finger – the fourth finger on the left hand – is attributed to the Egyptian’s belief that the finger contains the Vena Amoris, a vein that connects directly to the heart. As it turns out, the vein doesn’t actually exist. But why spoil a romantic tradition just because of a debunked myth, right? 


New Meanings and Ways to Wear Wedding Bands 

Wedding Bands
Wedding bands come in different styles, metals and gemstone combinations. Make an appointment with Carrie K. here and find out how to create a bespoke wedding band of your own.


Today, the wedding band can be worn on any finger and on any hand; they can be stacked together and designed to look complementary to the engagement ring, or worn separately on two fingers and sporting completely different designs. Just like Prince Harry, the decision on how to wear it matters less than the statement it makes. 

Where engagement rings are worn only by the brides, wedding bands are also worn by grooms, hence couples also tend to choose matching bands to symbolise oneness and cooperation in their commitment to each other


Making a Mark with the Wedding Band

Not just a jewellery of coordination, the wedding band is also a capsule of stories and secret messages, as couples recall and imbue details of how they met, their favourite hangout venue, or even their blood type into the ring. The beauty of the band is that they are traditionally more meaningful compared to engagement rings, perhaps because the rings are the couple’s shared story that defines their union.

With more attention paid onto the wedding band, here are two meaningful stories that Carrie K. has helped to distill and eternalise into the precious jewellery.


C&A’s Better Together Rings

Bespoke Engagement Ring

What is seemingly a simple wedding band has actually more than meets the eye. Look closer and you will find the initials of the couple, C & A, etched onto the edges of both rings. The etchings will only be visible when the rings are placed side-by-side, and are aptly named Better Together because the hidden messages won’t make sense when the rings (and couple) are apart.


Johnny & Katie’s Grand Central Inspired Wedding Rings

Wedding Bands

Having your man kneel down before you at Grand Central Station in New York City? Talk about an unforgettable marriage proposal! The pair of wedding rings retell the story of Johnny enlisting his mob of friends who held up umbrellas that spelt Marry Me when opened.

The inside of the rings depict the façade of Grand Central Station when stacked together, whilst the exterior feature black concave arches to represent the black umbrellas that were used in the proposal.


Make an appointment to create your bespoke wedding band

Inspired by couples’ stories and have one to tell of your own? Sit down and share with us over a cup of tea and find out how Carrie K. can distill and eternalise your love into a jewellery to keep the rest of your lives. Make an appointment here.

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