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(Video) More than Meets the Eye: the Compass Link Chain Jewellery

There's more to Carrie K.'s Compass Link Chain Jewellery than meets the eye.

The Compass Link Chain Bracelet and Compass Link Chain Necklace have been two of our favourite pieces from the JOURNEY collection since its launch in November. In capturing the story of Paige Parker's epic road trip around the world and the traveling spirit within her, these jewellery pieces are designed to channel a travel and adventure vibe whilst retaining the refinement and sleekness as a metal jewellery, hence the prominence of the compass motif and the selection of eye-popping, colourful gemstones to set onto the pieces.

For those who are already acquainted with the Compass Link Chain Bracelet, would you also know that the jewellery can be worn on your neck and not only on the wrist? With a simple latching and unlatching mechanism on the compass links, you can link together multiple bracelets and necklace and create a style statement for any occasion.

Check out this video to find out how you can style with just a few of Carrie K.'s Compass Link Chain Bracelets and a Compass Link Chain Necklace.

Here's a breakdown of the different ways you could style these accessories:

1. The Classic Necklace

Some of us have had a hard time picking out which of Compass Link Chain Bracelets, in Silver, Rose and Yellow Gold, we should wear at each time. The Classic Necklace seems to be an intuitive solution to that dilemma -- just link them altogether and wear the linked chain over the neck!

2. The Statement Necklace

For those who wish to turn up the necklace by a notch with more jewellery, the Compass Link Chain Necklace is a longer variant of the Chain Bracelet. Combining a Chain Necklace with two Chain Bracelets, you will have a statement-making ensemble that extends to slightly below the chest.

3. The Lariat

The Lariat can be worn with a Compass Link Chain Necklace and up to three Compass Link Chain Bracelets, with one of these bracelet dangling from a compass link. The Lariat is a classic jewellery that plays with our line of sight and helps to make our outfit look more tapered and slimmer.

4. The Asymmetric Lariat

Comprising of two Compass Link Chain Bracelets and a Compass Link Chain Necklace, this time with the necklace drooping down as a lariat instead, this is one quirky look that can be pulled off by an accompanying party dress. 

5. The Double Necklace

Why stick with one necklace when you can have two? The Double Necklace is an edgy ensemble that will dazzle in most settings, be it a casual date or at an important evening gala.
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