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Promise to be Open to Differences

Everyone is different. Unique in their own way. Living in Singapore, we have friends of different races and religions. Our openness to diversity is something to cherish and remind ourselves what is special about life on this sunny island.

Everyday Promises: Everyday Safety Duo

The safety pin from the Everyday Promises collection symbolises a promise to be open to differences and protect diversity. The Safety Pin movement started when commuters in the U.K. wore the safety pin on their shirts to declare that whatever your race, gender or religion, you were safe with them and would be protected if harassed. For us, the safety pin also holds a meaningful promise that we accept our loved ones for who they are and will protect them from harm. An apt reminder in our current global climate of uncertainty and fear -- Be kind, keep calm and live on. We are in this together. 

In addition to being a meaningful reminder, the Safety Pin Duo and Pearl clip will inject a youthful edge and a whole lot of diverse styles to your pearl necklace repertoire. No longer bound by just one look for serious occasions, dress up or down to your pearls to suit different  occasions. From special days to everyday.

Here are some ways you can wear the Carrie K. Pearl necklace for different occasions:

A lighthearted look for brunch with friends:

A conversation starter for networking nights:

Elegance with a playful twist for everyday:

Does this Everyday Promise speak to you? If you’d like to create different looks with a set of pearls or would like to inject new life to your own pearls, book a complimentary Pearl Bar workshop with our stylist.

We are also offering alternative appointment options during this period. 

1. Private appointment at our Carrie K. studio at National Design Centre.

2. Private appointment at the comfort of your home or office.

3. Video call appointment.

Our new Everyday Promises collection will also be available for free local shipping. 


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