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Modern HeirloomSi Dian Jin

Si Dian Jin - Staying Relevant in Modern Times, Part 1

Si Dian Jin (四点金) — Translated to mean “4 Touches of Gold”, is a four-piece set of betrothal jewellery that consists of a ring, bangle, necklace and a pair of earrings. The giving of Si Dian Jin is a Teochew tradition that is bestowed upon the new bride to welcome her into the family and as a blessing for the newlywed. 

In the past, traditional Si Dian Jin is set in the purest form of 24K solid gold and adorned with the bride’s Qun Kua — the red phoenix embroidered dress — to complete the wedding trousseau for the tea ceremony. One can also find a dragon and phoenix motif carved onto traditional Si Dian Jin as they are both powerful and prosperous creatures that epitomise marital bliss and fertility in ancient Chinese culture.


Is Si Dian Jin still relevant?

Although this tradition has withstood the testament of time, the act of giving has now become a meaningless notion as many are simply following just for the sake of it. Many think that the said jewellery is dated and is an ostentatious display of wealth that is not “everyday wardrobe” friendly. With that in mind, many contemporary adaptations have been designed to embrace the changing times. But, do they still reflect the value and symbolism of the tradition? 

Hence, it is important for us to remember what Si Dian Jin represents — a symbolic promise from the groom’s family to ensure the well-being of the bride and that she will be well taken care of throughout the marriage. 


It is an heirloom so precious

As Si Dian Jin is one of the very first gifts from your in-laws, it also is viewed as a family treasure — a family heirloom. This extends its value way beyond being just a wedding jewellery set and there’s nothing quite like looking back at the fond memories you have made on your wedding day. When handed down, your children will realise the deep significance when it is time for them to start their own family. 

If you already have a family heirloom, an old piece of jade, diamond, or jewellery passed down through the generations that you have kept locked away, let us help you bring it out of storage. Our Heirloom Revival service will help breathe new life into your precious pieces.


For your wedding and beyond

Nobody wants their Si Dian Jin to be stashed away after the wedding day to never see the daylights again. They do not have to be dated or boring because it can versatile, classy and contemporary. Beyond that lifetime, they will wait to be passed down to bless the next generation. 



Our Modern Heirloom Line – Heritage, strongly aligns with the ideals behind Si Dian Jin, representing the tradition of having four generations living together in harmony and happiness under one roof. The bling in this collection wishes the wearer happiness, harmony, togetherness, and security. All that while remaining trendy and wearable on a daily basis. Feel free to check out our collection here and head down to our Atelier located at National Design Centre for a complimentary fitting session.

Stay tuned to Part 2 of this series, where we have some tips for you on selecting your perfect Si Dian Jin set.

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