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Unveiling Blessings - Be Kind, Do Good, Make A Bold Statement

Blessings by Carrie K.

We are excited to unveil our newest collection, Blessings, inspired by the Chinese concept of Wu Fu (五福) or the 5 essential blessings for a good life. The five fortunes in the Chinese tradition are longevity, prosperity, good health, a love of virtue, and a peaceful passing having lived a long and fulfilled life. The Chinese words for "luck" (福,fú) and "bat" (蝠,fú) sound identical, and thus the symbol of the bat has been used to represent good luck for countless generations.

Blessings by Carrie K.

The Blessings collection features stylised bat motifs and colourful gems worked into elegant, versatile, filigree-styled jewellery pieces. Designed for the woman who knows what she wants in life and fearlessly owns who she is, this collection is our wish for a world where each of us boldly and proudly stand for what we believe in, be a force for good, and pay kindness forward.

Carrie K. Blessings Earrings Set Carrie K. Blessings Statement Duo Clip Carrie K. Blessings Studs Carrie K. Blessings Duo Toggle

Imbued with meaningful well-wishes, this collection of bold statement jewellery pieces conveys the age-old tradition of bestowing blessings or the good life upon loved ones or oneself to celebrate milestones, and is also especially apt as wedding gifts or as Si Dian Jin to welcome a new bride into a new chapter of life.

In our signature Carrie K. style, the Blessings collection includes versatile pieces such as stackable earrings and interchangeable pearl clips that allow you to create over 100 looks with different types of pearls and accessories at the Carrie K. Pearl Bar.

Do good, and good will come to you.

Do good, and good will come to you.

Shop the Blessings collection here, or visit us at our Atelier for a personalised styling session.

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