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Carrie K. Introduces “Little Loves” Glass And Sterling Silver Lockets

Domed-glass lockets bring a modern twist to traditional jewellery

Singapore, August 06, 2011 – Carrie K. today introduced “Little Loves” Glass Lockets - bringing a contemporary twist to a much-loved accessory. Instead of traditional closed lockets, Little Loves’ domed-glass cover means contents of the lockets can be easily seen – allowing the wearer to express her mood, tastes, and loves.

The silver “Little Loves” lockets are part of MINT, a collection that gives Grandma’s jewellery a fresh twist. 

For centuries, lockets have kept precious little things close to wearers: a loved one’s lock of hair, medicine, miniature paintings, and more recently, photographs.

Traditionally, lockets have kept items covered and hidden from the world. To showcase individuality and attitude, Carrie K.’s “Little Loves” lockets have domed glass covers which let wearers show off their favourite photo, piece of art, or even object, more easily. The sterling silver catch swivels so both sides can be shown off and admired.

“It’s a lot more special to carry a real photo or precious item in a locket than to store it as a digital image in a mobile phone,” said Carolyn Kan, Carrie K. founder and designer. “The more creative may wish to express their mood or thoughts through little pictures or messages. “Little Loves” lockets can even serve as a miniature gallery for the artist in every individual.” 

The "Little Loves" sterling silver glass locket necklace comes in three shapes- oval, round and square and retails at S$298 each. The lockets are available at Strangelets, a one-stop shopping spot for singularly charming and clever collections of homewares, accessories and jewellery. Strangelets is the latest addition to Carrie K.’s select list of stockists. 


Note: Please contact us for high resolution product images. (Details below)
Caption: Carrie K.’s “Little Loves” oval, square and round glass locket necklaces.

About Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery:

Carrie K. is story teller who loves sharing her adventures, discoveries and dreams through the jewellery. The raw and sometimes playful pieces are designed for men and women who love expressing their own unique stories through what they wear. The jewellery seeks to reveal what is true rather than what seems flawless and is recognized for its individuality and unpolished elegance. Established in 2009, Carrie K. won the ELLE Awards “Jewellery Designer of the Year” in 2010.

Carrie K. is available online at, or in Singapore at The Society of Black Sheep, Marina Bay Sands #B1-64; Quintessential, Pacific Plaza #02-01; Asiatique Collections, Blk 14A Dempsey Road; Strangelets, 7 Yong Siak Street. Overseas, it is available at Carter & Bond in London. 


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