KEEPERS V: A Christmas Story

Posted on November 12 2012

Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery’s fifth artisan showcase will be held on Saturday, 24th of November.

12th November 2012- A selection of handpicked artisans will come together at the Carrie K. atelier for a day of merry making with dessert tasting, cocktail drinking and of course shopping. The selected artisan’s creations tell a story or help you tell your story, for magical gifts with meaning. Lifeless, cookie cutter gifts are no longer a bane this Christmas Keepers a quarterly artisan showcase held at the Carrie K. Atelier, aims to cultivate a community that appreciates the work of independent designers and artisans. The showcase gives artisans, artists and designers the opportunity to showcase their work, as some may not have an accessible work or meeting space. Guests are given the opportunity to meet designers, and recognize the story and meaning behind each lovingly crafted product.

Along with the five magical artisans, Carrie K. will present a selection of whimsical charms, perfect for personalized gifts. Mix and match quirky charms and create unique gifts to tell your tale.

The other storytellers are:

Mmerci Encore • Bespoke Aromatherapy Products
A bespoke aromatherapy atelier and creator of beauty preparations to soothe the skin and psyche. Alli Sim of Mmerci Encore, will be at hand to tell the story behind the aromatherapy products created specially for Keepers V.

Shady Republic • Family & Portrait Photography
By seeking out quiet details, Chiew Huan Chong creates sentimental family portraits and photography. By listening to your story, Huan Chong retells your tale and reflects your personality with natural and stirring images.

The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.• Artisan Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
Ice Cream & Cookie Co.’s gourmet ice cream cookie sandwiches are made using high quality, health conscious ingredients. The all-natural desserts are free of preservatives, harmful stabilizers and emulsifiers. Andrew Lie and Natasha Chiam of The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. will be available to discuss home orders and of course invite you to try their delectable desserts.

Artsyfact • Upcycled, one of-a-kind furniture & furnishings
The trio behind Artsyfact takes one man’s junk and turn it into something functional and entirely unique. Leon Lai, Aaron Koh and Casey Loh breathe life into something forgotten with carpentry, curating and interior design to create new one-of-a kind pieces, yet maintain the story of its past life.

Grey Goose Vodka • Bespoke Cocktail Bar
Grey Goose Vodka will host a bespoke cocktail bar, with specially created cocktails for Keepers V. Grey Goose combines passion, integrity and craftsmanship to achieve the very best quality spirit out of the very best ingredients, from field to bottle.

About Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery
Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery marries artisan-crafted jewellery with playful provocation to challenge traditional notions of what makes something precious and desired. Celebrating imperfection and rejoicing in what is real, rather than what seems flawless, its collections are aimed at men and women who have a strong sense of self and express their individual style through the jewellery they wear. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted the old way, with great time and care. Established in July 2009, Carrie K. won the ELLE Awards Jewellery Designer of the Year in 2010.


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