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Pearls of Society Part 1

Carrie K. turns 10 this year. To mark this milestone, we plan to give back to our community through a new initiative to support single mums. Working with Aware to spotlight and raise funds for single mothers, Carrie K. is contributing $50 for each of our pearl necklace sold. We wanted to start small, but start now and not wait for ‘one day’ when we are big enough to do more. In addition, we are fostering a positive and supportive network of like-minded individuals, our “Pearls of Society”, who share our passion for giving back to the community in a meaningful way. 

Over the coming weeks, Carrie K. is spotlighting six of our #PearlsOfSociety. 

What is symbolic and special about Pearls? 

Of all the precious gems, pearls are perhaps the only ones produced by living organisms and are born of grit. As soon as a mollusc detects an irritant in its body, it coats it with layers of nacre (the same coating that makes up the shiny, iridescent surface inside the shell) for months or sometimes years, until a pearl is formed. The birth of a pearl out of grit is an apt symbol for the positive and purposeful community we hope to build. And as the pearl becomes more lustrous and precious with more layers of nacre, in the same vein, the most inspiring stories are of women who have turned challenges in to gems. 

 The first three of our “Pearls of Society” share their thoughts on our three burning questions:

Paige Parker 

Paige Parker, the human dynamo, inspired the Paige Parker X Carrie K. JOURNEY collection with stories from her epic travel across 116 countries in 3 years. Following the success of her Straits Times bestselling book Don’t Call Me Mrs Rogers last year she has also launched a capsule collection with Singapore fashion designer Max Tan, and she’s now working on her self-narrated audio version of her book. 

Paige’s road to becoming the self-professed feminist she is today stems from her encounters during her travels, where she witnessed oppression, harassment and discrimination towards women and herself. Consequently she has become a voice for gender equality. And she puts words into action as a board member of the Singapore Committee for UN Women.

What inspires you to do the things you do?

I am led by a desire to do what feeds my soul and to share that love. My passions inspire me, whether family, friends, UNWomen SG, Singapore Dance Theatre, my book, etc.

What empowers you to be you?

Determination, confidence, and resilience. I like who I am. I love the people around me who create my tribe. I understand empowered people empower others. 

What's the best advice that anyone has given you?

1. Be true to yourself. 

2. Keep on keeping on. 

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

4. You may be feminine and a feminist.

Dolores Au

Mumtrepreneur Dolores Au is the CEO of parenting website Mummyfique and online bidding site Global Pond. Juggling these roles may sound less daunting if not for her also being mother to five daughters. 

Yet Dolly is no stranger to the plight of a single mother, having been one herself at a time when she had divorced and just established a PR agency. Even as she has remarried and given birth to more children, Dolly has always had other mothers in mind. Noting the lack of information and content for mothers online, she set up Mummyfique, a digital destination with relevant content on motherhood for contemporary, working mothers.

What inspires you to do the things you do?

A genuine desire to make a positive difference - be it in my chosen profession, the causes I believe in and support, in the lives of family, friends and the people around me.

What empowers you to be you?

A lifetime of experiences and lessons, good and bad have made me the person I am today. I have been shown kindness, generosity and love along the way and I’ve been blessed with opportunities to grow as a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur. The knowledge of this privilege drives me to want to give back positively to society and to the world. Knowing that I am in the position to set an example to my children and to the younger generation empowers me to continue being unapologetically me.

What's the best advice that anyone has given you?

I have amazing friends and mentors who keep me focused and on the straight but the one thing that I always go back to is the advice by my ex-boss and mentor, Mr. Ken Jalleh Junior, “Live, learn, laugh, love and suck the marrow of life!” Knowing how to live a good life is to learn and embrace life’s various lessons, laugh at the challenges and with the happy moments, love and accept the pain and beauty of love with all our hearts. And most importantly, to draw every last bit of what this life has to offer and live with no regrets.  

Dr. Jade Kua 

Dr. Jade Kua deftly balances her career with motherhood. As a paediatric emergency specialist at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and president of the Association of Women Doctors (Singapore), Dr. Jade’s job scope often lands herself in between the crevices of life and death as she constantly treats patients, including children, brought into the emergency room. Being a mother -- of six children! -- lends her an extra degree of empathy when treating other child patients and in communicating with concerned parents.

Jade is also programme director of DARE, aimed at empowering and educating at least one member of every household on basic resuscitation, a lifesaving skill.

What inspires you to do the things you do?

In many of the projects that I start, I have identified a definite need; instead of complaining about that inadequacy I’d rather step up and make a change. For instance the downtime for cardiac arrest used to be excruciatingly long as bystanders couldn’t recognise cardiac arrest or wouldn’t start cpr or there weren’t AEDs available. My team and I set out to change all those parameters through education and collaborating with relevant stakeholders.

What empowers you to be you?

I am surrounded by love. My teams at work are generous, strong & supportive, as are my family and friends. I am under no pressure to do things I fundamentally disagree with, or be someone I am not. I feel empowered because I can be genuinely me.

What's the best advice that anyone has given you?

I believe the great Dr Seuss once said “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” I try to block out a lot of the distracting noise that tries to tie us down to stereotypes and limits what we think we can do.  

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