Beauty is found within

Posted on March 02 2017

When Disney approached Carrie K. to collaborate on Beauty & the Beast, our founder, Carolyn Kan revisited the original animated story that we all remembered loving.

“Watching it again, it struck me that there are so many themes in the story that resonated with me. Specifically, looking beyond the surface to see the beauty within, and accepting the fine balance of the perfection and the imperfection in all of us, or the Beauty and the Beast in all of us.”

We all really love Belle, the heroine of the story because she is such a great feminist role model with an ability to look beyond the surface, and she embodies a beautiful independent spirit, with love for knowledge and fervent belief in gender equality.

Carrie K. tells the story of “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” through this collaboration collection with Disney by spotlighting the fine balance between the beauty and the beast in all of us. The creations juxtapose something beautifully precious like pearls or gems with the jagged outline of the Beast’s teeth to represent personal imperfection. Look beyond the surface, and one can always find the beauty within.

The beauty of these studs lie in its simplicity to capture the essence of the fairytale; finding beauty within. The pearl sits precariously, within the boundaries of the jagged teeth, but shines bright pushing the boundaries.

Designed to resemble the Beasts' fearsome teeth, this necklace is not your usual statement necklace. It combines elements of femininity and masculinity to create a stunning piece that will standout regardless of the occasion.

This unique online exclusive ring is a showstopper. Paired with the pearl stud from the same collection, the contrast of the pearl against the paved jagged teeth will make a great conversation starter.

Our exclusive collection is perfect for gifting, for your inner princess, or for someone special. We always strive to push the boundaries, more so with this collection as we created a few pieces for a special collaboration with the Singapore Committee for UN Women.


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