Unleash Your Inner Wonder Woman

Posted on June 09 2017


We're loving the show of strong, fierce and independent women, in the new Wonder Woman movie. Spoiler alert: we don’t have to be superheroes to be Wonder Women. A woman that is capable of taking care of herself, confident and full of drive - this empowerment makes us all Wonder Women in our own right. So while we’re busy being the everyday boss ladies we are, it’s only right that we dress the part to take on our daily battles. Cuffs are a statement accessory that can easily be adopted from Diana’s wardrobe into our own. 

Here are some of our favourite Carrie K cuffs:


Razor cuff

Oxidised silver razor cuff

Oxidised Sliver Cuff

For a classic metal cuff with a twist, our reborn razor cuff is inspired by the humble every day razor blade. Turning every day objects into covetable jewellery, these razor cuffs are perfect for the cutting edge women out there.


Heavy Mettle Long/Short Cuffs

Copper & Silver Heavy Mettle Long Cuff/ Gun Metal & Silver Heavy Mettle Short Cuff

If you’re not a fan of wearing thick metal cuffs, opt for our heavy mettle cuffs which are made from leather but give the illusion of metal. Termed “Mettle” which refers to one’s tenacity and spirit in facing challenges, these cuffs embody strength and power a la wonder woman style.


Largo Leather Cuff


Largo Blue & Silver Cuff/ Largo Wine & Yellow Gold Cuff

Simple and classic, this cuff can be worn two ways making it super versatile. Choose between red or blue leather, for days where you want to make a statement. The cuff can also be inverted to be worn as black leather, perfect for the working wonder woman.


Spilled Cuff


Our spilled cuff is great for quirky souls looking for something different the usual. A celebration of disorder and irregularity, even wonder woman is a beautiful mess some days.


Liquid Metal Magma Bracelet

Liquid metal magma cuff

When faced with challenges or changes is life, fluidity is often the key. A cuff inspired by the beauty of molten lava, wonder woman too shows us how to withstand the fire of life while looking flawless.


Infinity Bracelet 

If bold cuffs are not up your alley, our infinity bracelet is a delicate option that celebrates the beauty of infinity. Add an extra dimension to your look without going over the top. 


So get your wonder woman chic on every day and never let anyone catch you off-the-cuff. Shop Cuffs HERE.



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