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Our Story

Carrie K. was established in 2009 out of a love of meaningful storytelling. Just a year later, we were awarded ELLE Awards’ “Jewellery Designer of the Year”, catapulting us into an international export label.


We offer affordable luxury for well-heeled and well-travelled individuals who seek uniqueness and contemporary design. They possess and strong sense of self and are unafraid of expressing their eclectic style through what they wear. They appreciate traditional quality craftsmanship, and share our philosophy of challenging traditional notions of beauty.


We use luxury jewellery to tell stories that dive deep in meaning and heritage, both geographical and personal. We believe in the power of using the stories of our lives to shape the collections we create. We create pieces inspired by the milestones in our lives, the stories that we grew up listening to, and the moments that hold sentimental value and meaning close to our hearts.


We believe in pushing boundaries and daring to be different, telling stories through our jewellery as a visual idiom. We take pride in crafting covetable, contemporary, and relevant pieces made to last. Our Art Deco and Fine Jewellery pieces are expressions of ourselves, and we only work with the best artisans and craftsmen in their category, from leathersmiths in Italy and Turkey, to expert silversmiths in Thailand. Our passion for jewellery knows no bounds, and we hope this passion is imbued in every pieces of jewellery you see from us.