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At Carrie. K, we love telling stories with the jewellery we hand craft. No two stories are the same and that’s why we want to help you create something perfectly unique. Nothing is too outrageous - from births to birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, even reimagining heirlooms that have been tucked away for too long.

What's Your Story?

How Carrie K.'s bespoke jewellery creation process works

Consultation with designers

Every bespoke jewellery starts with having us unravel your story and understanding the vision for your jewellery, price points and design specifications. Be prepared for an introspective conversation about you and your loved one!

Sharing and deciding concepts

From the consultation, our designers will share sketches and concepts for your perusal. Once approved, we will cast a 3D model to give you a realistic preview of what the actual piece would look like. All final tweaks will be consolidated before we hand-craft your bespoke jewellery.

Hand crafting jewellery and gemstone sourcing

At this point we shall embark on handcrafting your jewellery. At the same time, our in-house, GIA-certified gemstone specialist will source for your desired gemstones to be set on the jewellery.



Though we couldn't bear to part with our hand crafted pride, we're more than happy to see smiles and even tears as our bespoke jewellery is handed over to their new owners, along with a certificate and a 3D sketch render. Talk to us to make the jewellery unveiling even more special. (we've even hand-delivered a ring just moments before the proposal!)


A cryptic message of love that only the couple can decipher, the number of the flight on their first encounter, a metaphor of her heart of gold -- these are just some of the details we've helped distill into couples' proposal, wedding and anniversary rings. Let us capture your love into a bespoke wedding jewellery you'll wear for the rest of your life. Get inspired as you browse our wedding gallery.


Give your treasured family stories a new lease of life; if you have an old piece of jade, diamond or jewellery passed down through the generations that you’ve kept locked away because it is too dated, the Heirloom Revival service will bring it out of storage. We reimagine your family heirlooms as modern, stylish and symbolic jewellery pieces that evoke the memories and emotions you shared with your loved ones. 

Whether it's honouring your loved one's legacy or adding on an extension of yourself to an heirloom, Carrie K.'s heirloom revival service will help you preserve your family stories, ensuring the next generations will always remember and keep your legacy.


If you're an avid gemstone collector or prefer a diamond alternative, Carrie K. has a range of gems in an array of colours, sizes, weight and rarity for you to choose from. Talk to us or visit us at our atelier to view our extensive collection of gemstones. 

Have a story to distill into a jewellery? Make an appointment to visit our atelier


Carrie K. provides complimentary gemstone customisation for purchase of our 9kt and 18kt yellow and rose gold pieces from our ready-to-wear collections. Choose from a colourful palette of 14 gemstones in topazes, quartzes, amethysts and moonstones.  

Ring Size Chart


1. Measure your fingers at the end of day as your finger size will be different at different times of the day.
Fingers tend swell up during the course of the day as your blood pressure rises.

2. Measure your finger size 3 to 4 times to get a more accurate measure.

3. Your fingers might also swell if you are pregnant or if you are on medication. Take this into account when measuring your fingers.


Here are some tips on how you can measure your finger:

First, cut a cardboard strip measuring 0.5cm wide and 15cm long.
Then, wrap the cardboard around the finger to be sized.
Once it’s done, slide the cardboard up to the knuckle, as the ring must be sized large enough to able to slip off and on, over the knuckle.

Next, use a pen to mark on the cardboard where the long end overlaps.
Measure the mark from the end of the length of paper or string with a ruler.
Locate your ring size by locating your measurement against our size chart.
Should the measurement falls in between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size.


 Inner Circumference Carrie K. Size/ US, Canada, Mexico UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand Italy, Spain, Netherlands France Germany
46.8 mm 4 H 6.75 46 1/2 15
48 mm 4.5 I 8 47 3/4 15 1/4
49.3 mm 5 J 1/2 9.25 49 15 3/4
50.6 mm  5.5 K 1/2 10.5 50 1/4 16
51.9 mm 6 L 1/2 11.75 52 3/4 16 1/2
53.1 mm 6.5 M 1/2 13.25 54 17
54.4 mm 7 N 1/2 14.5 55 1/4 17 1/4