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Supporting Our

Carrie K. Community

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” - Maya Angelou

Pearls of Society

An initiative to bring together a positive and purposeful community of like-minded individuals who believe that positive action can turn grit into gems, just like pearls. We pledged to donate a small percentage profit for every pearl necklace sold to AWARE for their programme that helps single mums.

Collaboration with Daughters of Tomorrow

Love Knot Collaboration with Her World

A capsule collection created together with Her World to celebrate sisterhood and love. The design symbolises eternal bond with our loved ones and also represents the weaving of women coming together. To spread more love, 10% of sales proceeds from the Love Knot collection will go to AWARE Organisation to support women in need. Shop the collection to support.

Meet Our Most Loved

Carrie K. creates fine jewellery that tells stories inspired by our Asian heritage, culture and what is meaningful to us.