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Bespoke Proposal Ring

Enjoy the unforgettable journey of co-designing
your one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring,
inspired by your love story.

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Inspired by you,
immortalised by us.

step one


We begin by getting to know your love story, design preferences and budget so we can better co-design your one-of-a-kind DREAM ring.

step two

The Design Process

Distil what you'd like to say to your partner in a sentence and we'll translate that message for you into a ring that's just as unique as your story.

Our designers will then work their magic to create different concepts for you to choose from.

step three

3D Rendering & Resin Prototype

Once you’ve chosen a design that best represents your love story, a 3D render and scaled 3D resin prototype will be created to give you a realistic preview of the ring.

step four

Craftsmanship & Gemstone Sourcing

When you give us a "thumbs up" for the design, our GIA-Certified Gemologist will access your desired gemstone through our global network of Gem Cutters, and our Master Artisan will then handcraft your unique ring.

step five

The Delivery

There you have it, your love story immortalised in a ring. A precious daily reminder of the lengths you would go to declare your commitment and love.

Amy's Imperial Roof Ring

"Wherever one finds comfort can be called home."

This unique engagement ring is inspired by the Imperial Chinese Roof, symbolising Zihao's promise to be Amy's home, shelter and safe harbour.

Hui Hui's Sapphire Love Knot Ring

A rare blue-green Sapphire flanked by the Carrie K. Love Knot represents this couple's promise to love and support each other through thick and thin.

We also hid a Forget-Me-Knot flower at the bottom of this Sapphire engagement ring to symbolise an inside joke from their first date!

Jeenah's Peranakan ring

The Peranakan tile-inspired ring features a star that represents Jeenah. She inspires Ivan to always reach for the stars whilst paying tribute to her Peranakan heritage and love of family.

Hidden on the inside of the ring is an 8 knot, Ivan's commitment to love her for all eternity, and a symbol of how effortlessly they intertwined into a natural union.

Marilyn's Princess Carriage Ring

A ring fit for royalty, the Princess Carriage ring reflects Marilyn and Shaun's inside joke about their inner princess’.

The bespoke engagement ring features a yellow gold band and an Emerald gemstone nestled in an intricate princess carriage that has a touch of art deco and geometric shapes that Marilyn loves.

Priscilla's Coral Ring

This ring tells the story of Priscilla’s unique spirit and passion for marine life and the sea.

The platinum band features delicate coral-like prongs that hold the cluster of Sapphires in different shades of the sea. The blue Sapphires are presented in the asymmetry of free-spirited bubbles as they break the surface of the waves.

Want to Create Your Dream Ring, But Don't Know Where to Start?

✓ Get step-by-step guidance from our Award-Winning Designers & GIA-Certified Gemologist

✓ Experience the memorable journey of creating your One-of-Kind Ring that will be cherished for life

✓ Co-create your ring with Carrie K. to reflect your Unique and Special Love Story


The result is a truly unique and creative ring, modern yet timeless


"Wonderful experience getting a bespoke engagement ring from Carrie K. Best decision I’ve made for my proposal because it turned out beautifully.

The result is a truly unique and creative ring, modern yet timeless, and perfectly fitted to my wife and to our story. It could not be better."

~ Guillaume

I cannot recommend Carrie K. highly enough.


"I really cannot thank Carrie K. enough for the bespoke design ring for our engagement and wedding but also for the overall experience.

I had an idea of what I wanted, however I never thought about an entire process of getting to know me and my fiance (now wife) to understand our story to create a beautiful ring.

What transpired was some beautiful pieces of jewelry...but mostly something that is uniquely us. I cannot recommend Carrie K. highly enough."

~ Russell Harrison

A very strong FIVE OUT OF FIVE


"We love how our rings beautifully reflect who we are individually, what we mean to each other, and how we envision our future together. To be honest, it will be hard for us to go back to mass manufactured, off-the-shelf jewellery pieces.

A very strong FIVE OUT OF FIVE for Carrie and the team, and a big shoutout to everyone out there who would like to create a one-of-a-kind jewellery for whatever the occasion, you will be in great hands at Carrie K!"

~ Xu Zihao

The final product was gorgeous and I was proud to go on one knee, armed with Carrie K.'s ring


"The task of creating the perfect ring for Aprine was a mammoth one, as I needed something to encompass her grace, and at the same time her fiery attitude along with her perfection for symmetry in all she does.

Carrie K. did it beautifully in record time!

The final product was gorgeous, and I was proud to go on one knee, armed with Carrie K.'s ring, to propose to Aprine."

~ Francis Wong

High quality and true story telling


"The whole experience was worth it well beyond the dollar value, memories and unique experiences are priceless.

My wife now has a one of a kind engagement ring and wedding ring that will last a life time, I even had my wedding ring made with Carrie K.

High quality and true story telling that can be translated into fine jewellery design is a rarity."

~ Shaun C

Carrie K. had high standards they lived up to in their search for our stone


"We really enjoyed our journey with Carrie K. when crafting our bespoke engagement ring!

The list of questions to get to know us better as a couple was a nice touch which played a key role in designing a ring that was not just unique but meaningful to us.

We had specific requirements for our gemstone and we could see that Carrie K. had high standards they lived up to in their search for our stone."

Wen Bin

Marking milestones through precious, wearable reminders

Complimentary Ring Resizing

The ring doesn't fit perfectly? Don't worry, we got you. Enjoy a one-time complimentary ring resizing at our Atelier.

Lifetime Cleaning Service

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while we clean your ring so it's ever-shining.

Complimentary Engraving

Make your ring extra special with a personalised engraving to include a secret love note, a meaningful symbol, or even an inside joke!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Bespoke process take?
The Bespoke process can take 5 - 6 months, depending on the complexity of the design.

The process includes:
1) A personalised consultation
2) Design your one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces & procure gemstone/s
3) 3D rendering & resin prototype
4) Jewellery production & gemstone setting
5) Stringent quality checks on your bespoke piece upon its completion
6) Delivery
Can you source a specific diamond or coloured gemstone for me?
HTML Hyperlinks Yes! We have global access to the widest range of exceptional-quality gems, so you get the best value.

For more information, contact us!
Can my ring be set with different gemstones?
HTML Hyperlinks Yes! We offer a wide range of GIA and IGI-certified diamonds and even certified coloured gemstones.

To view the full range of precious stones in different shapes, colours and sizes, contact us!
What type of diamonds do you have?
HTML Hyperlinks We have GIA-certified natural diamonds and IGI-certified lab-grown diamonds available for you to choose from.

Displayed on our website are 0.5-carat, 0.7-carat and 1-carat round diamonds.

To view the full range of diamonds in different shapes and sizes, contact us!
How long will it take for my ring to be created?
Made-to-order designs will 6 - 8 weeks.

Customisation designs will take 10 - 12 weeks.

Bespoke designs can take 5 - 6 months, depending on the complexity of the design.
Can I buy from you if I live outside of Singapore?
HTML Hyperlinks Yes! We offer video consultations via zoom for Bespoke Design projects and even ready designs that you would like to view before you purchase.

We do offer free international shipping for orders over SGD2,000.

If your order is below SGD2,000 the delivery fee is SGD80.

For more information, visit our Shipping FAQs page.

What story will your ring tell?

If you'd like a Complimentary Ring Consultation and want to view our designs in person, drop by our Carrie K. Atelier and we'll have a chat over coffee or tea!

Virtual viewing options are available too.

Fill in the form below, and we look forward to meeting you!