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How Our

Jewellery Is Made

Carrie K. marries quality craftsmanship with innovative design.

We offer versatility that allows you to express your personal style and story. In addition, our in-house gemologist sources gems from all over the world, and we have our gems custom-cut to bring out the best qualities in each gem, so you are assured of quality at the best value.


We work with artisans who are the best in category located in different corners of the world. Hand picked for their unique area of specialization. You can be assured that your little love has been created lovingly by a master craftsmen. Specialist setters, gems cutters, master goldsmiths who have devoted their life to honing their craft. Some of them come from a family of specialist craftsmen who have created jewellery through generations.

In-House Gemologist

Our qualified gemologist has access to the gemstones from all over the world. The gems are then custom cut to our specifications to bring out the best in each gem, then presented to you without the usual middle man mark-ups. And because they all undergo tight scrutiny by our gemologist, you can be assured of the quality and the authenticity of the gems. And if you would like to make informed decisions about the gems you buy, join our complimentary gem workshops. Or just pop over to the Carrie K. Atelier for a cup of coffee. We love sharing our passion and knowledge of gems and jewellery with fellow jewellery addicts.


Just because jewellery has looked the same for centuries, does not mean it has to remain that way. That is Carrie K.’s approach to reinventing jewellery design to suit your modern lifestyle. So one piece of jewellery may be stacked, styled, and connected in a myriad of different ways to suit the occasion, your mood, or the story you wish to express through the jewellery you wear. Carrie K. has reinvented the way the classic pearl necklace may be worn, and we create simple ways for you to style up or style down your Carrie K. designs across different collections.. Years of research and development is often devoted to something as simple as a pearl clasp. Jewellery isn’t just adornment to us, it is a precious story that will hopefully be passed on to the next generation. And what can be more challenging than to design for mums to love today and for future generations to also covet.

Meet Our Most Loved

Carrie K. creates fine jewellery that tells stories inspired by our Asian heritage, culture and what is meaningful to us.