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Decoding the Carrie K. Code Collection with All You Need to Know

Here is the scenario you might find yourself in: You came across our signature Code collectionYou love the collection but need clarity on how to personalise your chosen design?

Well, do not worry! We got you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:


1. What is the Code collection?

Launched in 2015, Carrie K’s signature Code Collection immortalises you and your loves’ initial in morse code diamond dots and dashes. We believe that this is the ultimate declaration of love because  precious little real estate is reserved for the love of your life. So who shares your love Code? Carrie K. Code is the ultimate declaration of love BECAUSE you wouldn’t just immortalise just anyone’s initials in diamond dots and dashes beside yours forever. 

Each letter is symbolised by the morse code in diamond dots and dashes through various jewellery designs such as our necklaces, bracelets, rings and bangles. This season, there are new additions to the family! This means more versatile ways to personalise your eternal affection, perfect for any special occasion.


2. Where can I find my initials in the morse code?

We created a Carrie K. morse code catalogue so that you can easily find your initials in morse code, take a look at the picture below! Can you spot your loves’ initials?

3. What material is it made in?

Our Code jewellery is handcrafted with diamonds forming the initials in morse code and set in 14K, or 18K rose gold, yellow gold and white gold or platinum. 

Before you finalise your purchase, you may choose what kind of material you prefer it to set in.


4. How many initials can I add to the Code product that I love?

For our Code Link pieces (such as Code Link Necklace, Code Link Bracelet etc.), you can only add 1 initial. If you like to add an additional letter, there will be an additional fee.

For the rest of our Code designs, you may include 1 to 2 initials. If you would like to add more, it is best to speak to our jewellery consultant separately. 


5. Am I able to add an extra initial after my product is ready?

Yes, but this is only available for our Code Link designs, not for our other Code jewellery.


6. How soon can I receive my Code product?

Orders for Morse Bling and Code Link jewellery will take about 3 weeks to arrive once the purchase is made.

Made-To-Order purchases (such as wedding rings, engagement rings etc.) will take 6 weeks to arrive.


7. Are there any after-sales services you provide?

Yes, we provide lifetime cleaning services for your Carrie K. jewellery! Just bring your jewellery to us anytime at our Carrie K. Atelier.


8. Do you have any tips on how I can take good care of my product at home?

You may click here to read about how you can care for your precious jewellery at home. Or, you may reach out to us first before cleaning jewellery too!
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