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step one


We begin by getting to know your design preferences, desired gemstone, and budget so that we can better craft your uniquely customised ring.

step two

The Design Process

Our Jewellery Specialists will work their magic to combine your preferred design elements and present sketches of the final ring for your review.

step three

3D Rendering

Once you’ve selected your favourite design, a 3D render will be created to give you a realistic preview of the ring.

step four

Craftsmanship & Gemstone Sourcing

When you give us a "thumbs up" for the design, our GIA-Certified Gemologist will access your desired gemstone through our global network of Gem Cutters, and our Master Artisan will then handcraft your customised ring.

step five

The Delivery

There you have it, your Customised CARRIE K. Ring, a precious daily reminder of the lengths you would go to declare your commitment and love.

Thomas's Pear Venus Ring

Thomas looked high and low for the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend (now fiancée). He chose CARRIE K. because he loved how we took the time to really understand the story he wanted to incorporate into the design, as he wanted to make the ring extra special for the love of his life.

The final result? A stunning 0.9-carat Diamond set in a Pear halo, matched with an intricately handcrafted infinity band - the DREAM ring that his girlfriend absolutely adores.

To make the ring even more memorable, we etched a secret star on the inside of the ring -- a meaningful symbol of their relationship and a secret reminder of his love for her.

Brandon's Ruby Ring

Brandon wanted a unique, out-of-the-ordinary combination of our North Star and Blessings design for his fiancee's engagement ring.

For the centre gemstone, he chose Ruby - a non-traditional choice that makes for a truly stunning piece.

Clarence's Rose Petal Ring

Who needs a bouquet of roses when you can have a halo of Diamonds instead?

Clarence wanted his girlfriend's engagement ring to be designed based on her favourite flower - a Rose - as a memorable symbol of his love for her.

To bring her DREAM ring to life, our Master Artisan handcrafted a charming Rose-Petal-Halo to encircle a shimmering 0.5-carat Diamond. The final result? A heart-melting ring to be cherished for a lifetime.

Fang Qin's Princess Diana Ring

With a Diamond halo surrounding a 1.49-carat Sapphire centre gemstone, this ring is the perfect complement to Fang Qin's elegant style.

Truly a ring fit for royalty!

Erik's Hidden Halo Ring

Erik had one thing in mind when creating a customised engagement ring with us - it had to be SPARKLY - just like his lover's dazzling personality.

And when it comes to Diamonds, the more the shinier.

The final piece features a 1.71-carat oval Diamond, flanked by half-eternity pave Diamonds on each side.

Just like our signature Coronet design, a hidden halo of Diamonds encircles beneath the centre stone, adding a subtle touch of glamour to its classic look.

Want to Create Your Dream Ring, But Don't Know Where to Start?

✓ Get step-by-step guidance from our Award-Winning Designers & GIA-Certified Gemologist

✓ Experience the memorable journey of creating your One-of-Kind Ring that will be cherished for life

✓ Co-create your ring with Carrie K. to reflect your Unique and Special Love Story

In-House GIA-Certified Gemologist

We have global access to the widest range of exceptional-quality gems, so you get the best value.

Get step-by-step guidance from our Experts to make the most informed decision on your ring search.

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Customised Ring Designs

Marking milestones through precious, wearable reminders

Complimentary Ring Resizing

The ring doesn't fit perfectly? Don't worry, we got you. Enjoy a one-time complimentary ring resizing at our Atelier.

Lifetime Cleaning Service

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while we clean your ring so it's ever-shining.

Complimentary Engraving

Make your ring extra special with a personalised engraving to include a secret love note, a meaningful symbol, or even an inside joke!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the customisation process take?
Because each ring is handcrafted on order, Customisation Designs will take 10 - 12 weeks.

The process includes:
1) A personalised consultation
2) Design & gem procurement
3) 3D rendering
4) Jewellery production & gemstone setting
5) Stringent quality checks on your customised piece upon its completion
6) Delivery
Can you source a specific diamond or coloured gemstone for me?
HTML Hyperlinks Yes! We have global access to the widest range of exceptional-quality gems, so you get the best value.

For more information, contact us
Can my ring be set with gemstones different to what is featured on your website?
HTML Hyperlinks Yes! We have a wide range of GIA and IGI-certified diamonds and certified coloured gemstones.

To view the full range of precious stones in different shapes, colours and sizes, contact us
What type of diamonds do you have?
HTML Hyperlinks We have GIA-certified natural diamonds and IGI-certified lab-grown diamonds available for you to choose from.

Displayed on our website are 0.5-carat, 0.7-carat and 1-carat round diamonds.

To view the full range of diamonds in different shapes and sizes, contact us
How long will it take for my ring to be created?
Made-to-order designs will 6 - 8 weeks.

Customisation designs will take 10 - 12 weeks.

Bespoke designs can take 5 - 6 months, depending on the complexity of the design.
Can I buy from you if I live outside of Singapore?
HTML Hyperlinks Yes! We offer video consultations via zoom for Bespoke Design projects and even ready designs that you would like to view before you purchase.

We do offer free international shipping for orders over SGD2,000.

If your order is below SGD2,000 the delivery fee is SGD80.

For more information, visit our Shipping FAQs page.