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Love Stories

For S & E

Sapphire Hercules Love Knot Ring

The story we created for E was distilled into a double ring that features a yellow gold vintage inspired outer ring that holds a unique bi-colour blue green sapphire (because E loves the ocean & appreciates the little details). Hidden on the inside was a second white gold Hercules love knot ring, to represent their love that strengthened when tested. The different metals reflect their two personalities fused together in to one.

For S & E

Hercules Love Knot Signet Ring

For S, we created an unusual hexagon signet style ring. Why hexagon? Because it is the shape of life, and a shape that often features in his artwork. The star of this ring is the secret flipping mechanism that shows the sapphire star on one side, and the Hercules love knot on the other.

Being an artist, S always comes home with paint on their hands, so we also created a flipping mechanism to protect the sapphire when S is hard at work. And engraved on the inside of the ring is their little secret that we will never tell.

For M & S

Princess Ring

A ring fit for royalty, the Princess Carriage ring reflects M and S’s inside joke about their inner princess’.The bespoke engagement ring features a yellow gold band and an emerald stone nestled in an intricate princess carriage that has a touch of art deco and geometric shapes that M loves.

For J & D

Angel Star Ring

Comparing his then fiancee-to-be an ‘angel’, the star was selected to symbolise that connection as written in the bible. Featuring the star as the setting of the main stone, the ring also incorporates a total of 17 diamonds which celebrates the number of years they have been together.

For W & P

Coral Ring

This ring tells the story of P’s unique spirit and passion for marine life and the sea. The platinum ring features delicate coral-like prongs that hold the cluster of Sapphires in different shades of the sea. The blue Sapphires are presented in the asymmetry of free-spirited bubbles as they break the surface of the waves.

For J & K

Grand Central Rings

With a whirlwind, ‘movie-like’ proposal at Grand Central station in New York, the couple decides that it will be the story they wish to tell in their wedding bands as a reminder in many years to come. Featuring a stack design to show off etchings on the inside to mirror the location, the scallops on the outside represents the umbrellas he had used to propose to her with the help of his friends which spelt out ‘marry me’.

For A & I

Dragon & Phoenix Rings

To represent the two unique personalities and the coming together of their Malay and Chinese heritage, we designed into the ring a Dragon, I’s Chinese Zodiac, meeting the phoenix silhouette formed by foliage representing A’s love of nature. The Dragon and the Phoenix meet at the Sido Muki, a diamond shaped batik pattern traditionally worn during wedding ceremonies, a symbol their commitment to come together to create a joyful and prosperous marriage.

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