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Si Dian Jin

Si Dian Jin: Everything you need to know about Si Dian Jin

What is it? 

Si Dian Jin (四点金) — Translated to mean “4 Touches of Gold”, was traditionally a four-piece set of betrothal jewellery that consisted of a ring, bangle, necklace and a pair of earrings. The giving of Si Dian Jin is a Teochew tradition that is bestowed upon the new bride to welcome her into the new family and as a blessing for the newlywed. 

 What does it symbolise? 

This custom originated from the Teochew families as the Teochew provinces had 4-point curved rooftops which resemble very much like the “Jin” (金) character in 四点金. A mother-in-law gives her daughter-in-law Si Dian Jin, as a promise that she is welcome in their home and that she will always be taken care of. 

Carrie K. Si Dian Jin

Traditional vs Modern Si Dian Jin Sets

In the past, traditional Si Dian Jin is set in the purest form of 24K solid gold. A common design includes a pair of dragon and phoenix motif carved onto the jewellery as they are both powerful and prosperous creatures that epitomise marital bliss and fertility in ancient Chinese culture. 

In recent years, brides prefer Si Dian Jin jewellery they can wear even after the wedding. Hence, Carrie K. designs Si Dian Jin that capture the essence of the wedding jewellery but are versatile enough for not just the wedding day but may be worn every day after.

How To Style Carrie K. Versatile Si Dian Jin
Carrie K. Si Dian Jin
Carrie K. Si Dian Jin
Carrie K. Si Dian Jin
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