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Trilliant Gem Wishes and Birthstones

Trilliant means better than brilliant, and we have created necklaces featuring these special Carrie K. Trilliant cut gems in faceted solitaire and polished cabochon. With each gemstone comes a special meaning of its own. Is it simply just a birthstone? Or are there any unique significance that comes with? So, what is your story?

Pick a Trilliant gem that speaks to you and make it a meaningful gift for yourself or your best friend! Even if you are apart, you are still close at heart.




Red Garnet Solitaire Necklace 

Traditional birthstone: Garnet

The red garnet is a very interesting and diverse stone to start the year with! In the garnet family, it boasts an extraordinary range of colours like green, orange, yellow, purple, and the most common — red. In the month of January, our Trilliant Garnet Solitaire Necklace symbolises happiness, wealth, and good health. With its brilliant red, it can also signify passion and love. 



Amethyst Solitaire Necklace 

Traditional birthstone: Amethyst

Amethyst, the violet variety of the quartz family, is the gemstone for our February babies. With its dazzling shades of purple, it is said to keep you balanced, clear-headed and quick-witted. Amethysts are also symbols of empowerment and strength, definitely a stone for our #bossbabes! Do you know someone unapologetically ambitious? Because the Trilliant Amethyst Solitaire Necklace is the one for them!




Sky Blue Topaz Solitaire Necklace 

Traditional birthstone: Aquamarine

March is the season of new beginnings as Springtime comes around. Flowers bloom, seeds are planted and the animals are awakened. The once steely blue sky from the harsh winters turns a warm and radiant blue. Much like the comforting new horizons, our Trilliant Sky Blue Topaz Solitaire Necklace represents a new start of youth, health, and hope. 



White Topaz Solitaire Necklace 

Traditional birthstone: Diamond

Lucky, lucky April babies call diamonds their birthstones that have had the long-running reputation of being indestructible and resilient. Our take for the month of April would be the Trilliant White Topaz Solitaire Necklace. This shiny alternative is a great option without breaking the bank. Treat your loved ones (or yourself!) with this meaningful necklace that represents strength.  



Green Malachite Cabochon Necklace

Traditional birthstone: Emerald

In the month of May, we have emeralds and with Carrie K.’s twist, comes the Trilliant Green Malachite Cabochon Necklace. The beautiful green of our malachite symbolises wisdom, growth, and patience. It brings to mind the freshness of new growth during springtime, a great continuation for our Sky Blue Topaz Solitaire Necklace. 



Trilliant Pearl Necklace

Traditional birthstone: Pearl

Pearls originate from oceans and other water bodies around the world and are formed when an irritant invades a mollusk. The process of how pearls are formed aptly symbolises wisdom acquired through life and experience. Our Trilliant Pearl Necklace also represents humility, purity, and innocence. 



Red Garnet Solitaire Necklace

Traditional birthstone: Ruby

The traditional stone for the month of July is the king of all gems, ruby. But in Carrie K., it is the Red Garnet Solitaire Necklace. The lustrous scarlet of the red garnet represents passion, health, and nobility. July is the peak of summer with all its glorious radiance and if you know someone who shines as bright as the summer sun, the Red Garnet Solitaire Necklace is it.



Green Amethyst/ Prasiolite Solitaire Necklace 

Traditional birthstone: Peridot

For our August babies, we have the Green Amethyst and Prasiolite Solitaire Necklace to replace the traditional peridot. The two solitaire necklaces represent strength and protect the wearer from harm. 



London Blue Topaz Solitaire Necklace 

Traditional birthstone: Sapphire

The deep and intense blue of sapphire used to be associated with Vulcan, the Roman god of fire. An alternative to the traditional sapphires would be the london blue topaz with similar intensity and brilliant luster. The London Blue Topaz Solitaire Necklace signifies wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. 



White Chalcedony Cabochon Necklace

Traditional birthstone: Opal

The magnificent opal is the gemstone for the month of October and in Carrie K.’s book, sits the White Chalcedony Cabochon Necklace. With a similar milky white luster, the white chalcedony signifies purity, hope, and truth. 




Lemon Quartz Solitaire Necklace 

Traditional birthstone: Yellow Topaz

The lemon quartz is a bright alternative for the usual topaz for the month of November. Our Lemon Quartz Solitaire Necklace symbolises longevity, beauty, and intelligence. Also, with its bright and sunny appearance, the citrusy yellow of lemon quartz can spark creative joy or simply represent someone with a bright personality! 



Lapis Lazuli Cabochon Necklace 

Traditional birthstone: Turquoise

December, the month of giving is represented with turquoise. Inspired by the unique shade of blue in a turquoise, we have the beautiful Lapis Lazuli Cabochon Necklace. The lapis lazuli is known for its profound blue that is mottled with white, blue, or gold impurities. Our Lapis Lazuli Cabochon Necklace is one that represents beauty within imperfections or simply put, a symbol of good fortune and charm.


A quick summary of the birthstone chart with its Trilliant option and what it represents…


Classic Birthstone Trilliant Option Wishes
January Garnet Garnet Wealth, happiness, and health
February Amethyst Amethyst Balance, quick wit, and clarity 
March Aquamarine Sky Blue Topaz Youth, health, and hope
April Diamond White Topaz Strength and resilience
May Emerald
Green Malachite
Growth, wisdom, and patience
June Pearl Pearl Purity, humility, and innocence
July Ruby Red Garnet Love, health, and wisdom
August Peridot Green Amethyst/ Prasiolite Strength and resilience
September Sapphire London Blue Topaz Wisdom, loyalty, and nobility
October Opal White Chalcedony Purity, hope, and truth
November Yellow Topaz Lemon Quartz Longevity, beauty, and intelligence
December Turquoise Lapis Lazuli Love, fortune, and success


In a nutshell… 



The Trilliant Necklaces are a part of our Star Collection that celebrates friendship, fellowship, and sisterhood. The meanings of each gemstone are definitely not exhaustive but we encourage you to place your own special significance to the piece you are getting. For instance, the Lemon Quartz Solitaire Necklace is not exclusive to the month of November, it can also represent an individual’s exuberance and enthusiasm. Or, it can simply be a selection of your favourite colour. The possibilities are endless! 

Check out the Trilliant Necklaces here in the Trilliant Collection! If you would like to try on the necklaces, please book an appointment by sharing your details, and we will close the Atelier for your private shopping pleasure.




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