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5 shocking and untrue myths about diamond rings - we heard from other jewellers!

Buying a diamond ring is definitely not an easy process. There are so many things to look out for and sometimes you'll get drowned in all the information that you have found online. Over the years, we have heard so many myths (which are mostly untrue), we thought we would consolidate the top 5 myths and share them with you! 

diamond engagement ring

1. "The bigger the carat size, the sparklier the diamond"

A misconception most people have is a 'big, sparkly' diamond means a large carat. However, do you know you can make a half carat diamond stand out more than a bigger sized carat IF the cut is right? Essentially, a ‘big, sparkly’ diamond is one that reflects the most amount of light into the viewer’s eyes and a well-cut diamond will allow for that. Going for the carat size without understanding the importance of cut is a huge NO in any diamond ring buying process!

diamond engagement ring

2. "Always choose colours D/E/F to get the most transparent diamond"

A common practice by most jewellers is to recommend the colourless range from D-E-F to get the most transparent diamond. While that is true, it is not always necessary. Sometimes you can get away with a near colourless range G-H depending on the size of the diamond and colour of your skin tone. You will be surprised what a huge difference this will make to the overall cost! 

sapphire engagement ring

3. "Your ring is 3 times your salary."

As cliche as it may sound, this is actually one of our most-asked questions! There really is not fixed formula for this. At Carrie K., we always start off the ring search process by finding out more about your partner and your love story. We will then make recommendations based on your partner's lifestyle and personality and find a price range which is comfortable for you. Our job is to help you find out what your partner likes and how you can give them what they want within your means!

diamond engagement ring

4. "Lab-grown are fake diamonds."

A diamond is a solid form of the element carbon. Under intense heat and pressure, the carbon atoms crystallise, eventually forming diamonds. The natural process results  in natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds on the other hand, is a carbon atom that is ‘grown’ in a simulated environment of heat and pressure. However, both are made of the same chemical composition - Carbon. So is it still considered ‘fake’? It’s up to you to make a call on that! 

sapphire engagement ring

5. "Trending" shapes and colours

While there are definitely ring design trends you can reference from, we always advise our customers to focus on their partners first. During our diamond workshops, apart from education, we also spend a large amount of time learning more about your partner. The ‘perfect’ ring is one that suits the wearer’s lifestyle and personality, not based on current trends! 

So there you have it, the 5 diamond ring myths busted!

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