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L's Fireworks Ring

With her mom’s classic Jade pendant which she wore close to her heart, L wanted to reset the jade into another piece of jewellery to commemorate her mom. Describing her as the ‘life of the party’, the ‘fireworks’ design became that visual description. Featuring a selection of hand-picked Amethyst, as L’s favourite gem, that goes from dark from the centre and lighter to the sides.

A’s Nak Ring

With diamonds reset from her mom’s pendant, the ring features a subtle typography of ‘Nak’ which her mom has always lovingly called her. Designed to commemorate her mom.

L’s Heart to Heart Earrings

With a brooch from her mom which she wore close to her heart, L wanted to reset the jade pieces from the brooch into versatile wearing earrings which commemorates her mom. Cleverly placed ball setting around the jade hides the heart-shape style jade pieces, but it can also be flipped to the back to feature ‘Xin’ in chinese.

A's 'Walk With Me' Eternity Bracelet

For A, we designed an Eternity Bracelet using diamonds from her father, whom she wished to commemorate. We paired the father's diamonds side by side with her own, reminding her that he is forever by her side. Also hidden on the inside of the clasp are the birthstones of hers and her other loves, strategically placed so she knows they are always close to her lifeline.