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Carrie K.’s Lab-Grown Diamonds: As Real as It Gets

As people become more conscious of the toll mining takes on the environment, the demand for lab-grown diamonds, also known as cultured diamonds, in Singapore rises. Cultured diamonds offer the same sparkle and quality as natural diamonds, after all, but at a far lower cost to the environment.

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What are lab-grown diamonds?

Man-made diamonds in Singapore are made with a slim slice of diamond (called a diamond seed) placed in a vacuum chamber.

Through chemical vapour, carbon molecules then attach to that seed, “growing the diamond”. The result is a gemstone with the same chemical and physical composition as a mined diamond.

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, not synthetic ones or replacement gemstones.

In fact, they’re also graded and certified in the same way as organic diamonds.

Because lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, you can expect the same quality from them as from a mined diamond.

They have the same hardness, clarity, and overall quality. In other words, they too last forever.

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Why choose lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are preferable to natural ones for several reasons. Among others, they’re ethically sourced, eco-friendly, more affordable, and all this is despite offering the exact same quality as natural counterparts.

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