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Bespoke/Heirloom Revival

Carrie K. Love Letters: Daniel and Jillian, part II

We come together underneath the stars above
What started out as liking, soon developed into love
I sense a certain something that, in my heart,
Felt so true that I knew I waited all my life to fall in love with you


The Proposal and The Ring

There was something magical and hopelessly romantic about the couple’s proposal.

The co-founder of luxury online retailer, Reebonz – Daniel Lim, chose to pop the question in the middle of Sahara Desert over a private dinner. Surrounded by the vastness of the desert without a soul in sight, they shared a tender moment that belonged only to them.

The couple laughed when they recounted that many years back, Daniel joked that he was going to dress Jillian up to the nines for the proposal. So when Daniel whipped out a dress from his luggage and told Jillian to put it on for the private dinner, she had a whiff of suspicion, but she waved it off because an overseas proposal would have been difficult to plan.

Jillian’s bespoke engagement ring features a stunning 1.9 carat brilliant round diamond as the centrepiece, flanked by 2 smaller side stones. Forming a perfect trinity - with God in the centre of Daniel and Jillian’s relationship.

The number 17 holds an extra special place in the couple’s love story. Not just because they met when they were sweet seventeen, but it also marks their years of courtship.

17 diamonds on the ring to commemorate each year.

Daniel personally chose Jillian’s favourite shade of rose gold to complement her fair complexion. The prongs were set in platinum to bring out the brilliance of the solitaire.

The timeless “Star” encapsulates all her gleaming qualities, little secrets and love stories from their 17-year journey, distilled into a meaningful bespoke ring.
One that she will keep close to her heart until she passes it down for the next generation.

For a truly bespoke experience of customising your love story and engagement ring, book your appointment at Carrie K.


Watch Daniel and Jillian's Carrie K. Love Letters interview here: @carriek_rocks
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