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The Circle

Free for all to join, earn rebates and enjoy birthday discounts when you shop with us. It is our way of thanking you for your support!
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How it works

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Be part of the Inner Circle when you sign up for an account on our website.


Accumulate points in the form of Carrie K. $ through various activities.


Use your Carrie K. $ to unlock rewards.

Inner Circle Benefits At A Glance..

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is our loyalty programme and is free for all to join. Earn Carrie K. $ through various activities and use them to unlock exclusive rewards.

What is a Carrie K. $?

Carrie K. $ refers to points earned as part of our Inner Circle Loyalty Programme which can be used to unlock reward tiers.

How do I earn Carrie K. $?

You can earn Carrie K. $ when you complete any of the the following activities. See full list here.

What can I do with my Carrie K. $?

You may use your Carrie K. $ to unlock reward tiers. See full list here.

How many Carrie K. $ can I earn from my purchase?

The amount of Carrie K. $ you will earn with each purchase depends on your membership tier.

Membership tiers:

Earn 1 Carrie K. $ for every $20 spent

Earn 1 Carrie K. $ for every $15 spent

Earn 1 Carrie K. $ for every $10 spent

How do I become a Gold and Pearl member?

You will automatically be upgraded to the next membership tier when you have spent the following amount within a year:

Annual spend less than $1,200

Annual spend less than $2,000

Annual spend $2,000 and above

Can I use my Carrie K. $ rebates in conjunction with other promotions?

You cannot use your Carrie K. $ rebates with any other promo codes or store promotions together. Additionally, you will not be able to redeem 2 rebate promo codes together.

Can I earn Carrie K. $ for any purchase made?

All full priced items (excluding sale, made-to-order, customisation and bespoke orders) made on or Carrie K. Atelier at National Design Centre will be entitled to earning Carrie K. $.

Note: If you are using a promo code for your purchase, you will not be entitled to earning Carrie K. $ from that purchase.

Am I already a part of Inner Circle if I am subscribed to the mailing list?

No, you are required to create an account here

Will my Carrie K. $ expire?

Yes. Your Carrie K. $ will expire if you haven’t earned or spent any Carrie K. $ within one year. A notification email about your points expiring will be sent to you 1 month before it expires.

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