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Bespoke/Heirloom Revival

Carrie K. Love Letters: Sam and Euphoria [Part 1]

It is rare to see a promise that we immortalised into Carrie K. jewellery play out in real life. So this is a special story that we wanted to share. 

Renowned Singapore artist, Sam Lo and fiance, Euphoria Ng who is a professional in esports and cryptocurrency, came to us separately and in secret to create bespoke rings for each other. 

A common thread that struck us was their promise to love each other even more when tested. As such, both their rings feature a Hercules love knot, a knot that gets stronger under tension.

Because Euphoria loves the little details and the ocean, we created a double ring that featured a vintage-inspired outer ring in yellow gold and held a unique blue-green sapphire. Hidden on the inside was a second white gold Hercules love knot ring.

With Sam, Euphoria wanted a matching unique blue green sapphire on Sam’s ring set on the star. We also wanted to include the Hercules love knot to link their two rings.

Combining both concepts, we created an unusual hexagon signet style ring. Why hexagon? It is a shape of life, used often in many of Sam’s artworks! The icing on the cake was that this ring has a secret flipping mechanism that shows the sapphire star on one side and the Hercules love knot on the other.

Fast forward to this year, we caught up with them on how life has been as an engaged couple. Click here to find out what tested their love and promise to each other and how they moved past it.

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