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Carrie K. Love Letters: Sam Lo and Euphoria Ng [Part 2]

A love that only grew stronger through tough times and obstacles, we are so honoured to be a part of Sam and Euphoria's love story! Read about the bespoke rings we created for them, and how they were true to the promise imbued in their rings. 

This year, we caught up with each other about how life has been since they have gotten engaged. From going through major transitions and adjusting to changes, read on to hear how Sam and Euphoria overcame the odds.


1. What is the most important decision you have made as a couple since you exchanged your rings and how did you work through it together?

Sam & Euphoria: The most important decisions were the milestones in our personal growth. We made those decisions and supported each other as a team. Sam with his gender-affirming transition, and Euphoria with her discovery of being neurodivergent.


2. Did the decision create friction or has it brought you closer together? How did you work through it? (Like the Hercules Knot signifying undying love, growing stronger as a couple)

Sam & Euphoria: We had some growing pains. They were major changes that we needed time to accept these changes neither of us knew were coming. It had brought us closer together because of many difficult conversations that we had to have, especially when there were not many couples that we knew who were in a similar situation. It took a lot of patience and clarity, but we would say our bond grew stronger in that process.


3. Did your friends and family support you? And how important was that? And what did they do?

Euphoria: Yes, both our friends and family are supportive. For the sake of my mental health, I had to drop friends or family who could no longer remain supportive. To me, having support from people you cherish and who love you without judgment was crucial.


4. Remember the promise you made through your rings featuring the Hercules Love Knot? Two years later, how has your partner lived up to that promise?

Sam & Euphoria: Two years ago, we included the Hercules Love Knot in our rings because of the reflection of our commitment to each other through tough times. Since then, our commitment still stands and has strengthened our bond, like the Hercules Love Knot. From transitioning through different life stages to personal growth to planning our future together, we stayed loyal to our promises and went through them together as a team. It hasn't been easy but, we are assured knowing that we chose and continue to choose each other every day.


5. What have you learnt about your partner of two years that amazes you and, separately, that you are grateful for?

Sam: What continually amazes me is her mind and heart. There are many things that she does that inspires and teaches me. From her unorthodox way of thinking, her determination, the thoughtfulness, unparalleled strength and grace she has in handling all that life throws at her. Every day she shows me that there is much more to life and what makes it meaningful. I still count my blessings on knowing that she is my teammate for life. 

Euphoria: We have been together for about five years now, and Sam’s mind still amazes me. Besides the artworks he produces, I get to see how it happens. Not everyone gets to see the blood, sweat and tears and the crazy thought process that goes behind it. I love him for so many things. I’m grateful that when he made a promise to keep trying in our relationship, he meant it and kept it. It’s how we have gotten so far.


6. For couples going through a challenging patch, share what you have learned through your experience that they might apply to help them through.

Sam: An important thing we learnt to do, was to remember that the problem is the issue itself, and not the other. When I reframe it this way, I know we can go through it together by helping to learn and solve a situation as a team.

Euphoria: It is difficult to hear what your partner says when you are going through a challenging patch. From my experience, it is always healthy (and okay) to take a step back from the situation and relationship for a breather. That will allow you to see things from their perspective and vice versa. Sometimes there are so many things happening at once it can feel suffocating or confusing. It's okay to take a break for yourself and the relationship! 

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