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Carrie K. Love Letters: Marilyn and Shaun

The Carrie K. Love Letter Series encapsulates beautiful love stories that we have encountered along the way to share with you. Today, in the second part of the series, we are recounting the love story between Marilyn and Shaun that inspired the Princess engagement ring.

So this is love, 

So this is what makes life divine. 

The Story

 Marilyn and Shaun crossed paths in 2011 when they first started out as colleagues in a design firm and shared the same desk. When asked how they met, the couple fondly recalled the exact moment they saw one another in the office, with Shaun making quite the impression with his long hair and slippers. 

 As their relationship blossomed over years, the word ‘Princess’ became an inside joke between the couple and a term of endearment for Marilyn. 

Check out this little snippet of the interview we did with the couple! 



The Ring

Wanting to incorporate elements of their love story and Marilyn’s love for geometric shapes, the Princess Ring was created. The bespoke engagement ring features a yellow gold band and an emerald stone nestled in an intricate princess carriage. A ring fit for royalty, it aptly reflects her inner grandeur and the inside joke on which their romance was built upon. 


With a combination of a cathedral and a bezel setting, this beautiful combination gives the stone full protection (emeralds are soft stones!). The cathedral setting shows off the intricate detailing of the carriage while the bezel setting encircles the emerald, protecting the stone.  

Of course, no love story is complete without matching wedding bands. Shaun’s wedding band features the intricate detailing of the princess carriage while Marilyn’s wedding band sits snug against her engagement ring. 

The couple tied the knot in 2019 in a dreamy wedding venue at Bali. With a love story that is this adorable, one can only smile for decades to come.


The Bespoke Process

Did you know?
Most of our clients come to us not knowing what story they wish to tell. But, fret not. We have the right prompts to set you in the correct direction! The total process from the initial stages of getting to know the couple to presenting the final piece of jewellery took about 12 weeks. 

Shaun popped by sometime in 2018 for coffee and shared with us the love story of how he and Marilyn met. From there, we distilled the theme and their story with him!
Before we started the designing process, we got Shaun to secretly take pictures of Marilyn’s favourite outfits and jewellery, and we noticed that she has an affinity with geometric lines. He also wanted the ring to feature an Emerald since it is Marilyn’s birthstone and so, the sourcing began. At Carrie K., we have access to gems around the world and that gives all our clients the option of a better gem, at a better value. 

Two weeks later we presented sketches of the "Princess carriage" concept. Since Marilyn liked geometric lines, the Princess ring featured straight lines, interlaced with one another to form the carriage, with an Art Deco influence. We created scaled computer CADs of the design and a 3D printed resin of the ring for scale when Shaun gave us the thumbs up. 

Finally, it was the big reveal to Shaun when the ring was complete!

The Dialogue

As we recount the love story between Shaun and Marilyn, we are reminded of the endearing romance they shared and how the Princess ring perfectly captured the bits and pieces of their journey. When asked what they like about one another, the lovebirds simply could not just name one quality. Here are some snippets of the interview we did with the couple! 

How did you guys meet?
M: We met in November 2011 and we went into the same company as freelancers and both of us were under probation. Nothing much at first...
S: I think that is a bit incorrect, Marilyn said I came in with long hair as I just got back from Thailand.
M: It’s true, you were wearing flip flops, who would wear flip flops to the office? 

What made you realise Marilyn is the one?
S: Hmm… I guess I was a little negative back in the days and thought soulmates did not exist and that we are all better off being alone, which sounds terrible! Marilyn was the first person who changed my mind. I felt that if I wasn’t with or around her, I would start to feel empty...
M: Awww.
S: I just liked being around her and I could see it for the rest of my life. 



What do you like about your ring?
M: It has my birthstone on it. I have been wanting to get an emerald for the longest time but it is expensive so I never really got it. Coincidentally I just brought it up to Shaun one day that I like emeralds. Like, hint hint. When I first saw it in the box, I loved it. Especially around the greenery of the rice terrace where we got engaged. The colour and design are beautiful and it matches my taste! 

What was your concept for the ring when you first approached Carolyn?
S: I had a bit of reference and the kind of stone she likes. I think the idea of getting a custom-made ring made sense to me especially for my engagement because it has got more meaning to it in a sense because you go through the design and process. The fact that we are both designers and getting a ring off the shelves just would not cut it. I just really wanted to encapsulate Marilyn’s personality and our relationship within the ring itself.
M: I think the carriage was a really clever detail. But the story that we know between ourselves makes it all the more meaningful.
S: The pattern and detail of the ring reflect what Marilyn likes.
M: Apparently he took photos of my clothes secretly for inspiration
S: Yeah, yeah. One of my advice to get inspiration was to take pictures of Marilynl’s current jewellery, clothes, and other elements to gauge her style. Which I thought was a nice idea by Carrie K. 

Is the ring something you will pass down to your children in the future? 
M: Yes, definitely, it has always been my dream to have an heirloom to pass down. Hopefully, if I take good care of the rock, it will still be good for future generations.
S: I’m in two minds about that.
M: Ah! Why?
S: Because of the experience. The whole process and story are nice for the two of us, so I’d imagine our own children to have their own bespoke experience with their own partner.  




From the bottom of our hearts, the Carrie K. family wishes Marilyn and Shaun a lifetime of love and happiness.  

 If you would like to find out more about how you can customise your love story into a bespoke engagement ring or wedding band, book an appointment with us to find out more!  Carrie K. is an award-winning Singapore fine jewellery brand that serves to create pieces with stories to tell. And we would love to celebrate your next milestone with you.

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