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Bespoke/Heirloom Revival

Heirloom Revival: Suzanne's Gem Collection

By popular demand, Carrie K. has recently introduced a sustainable option for you to recycle your old, gold jewellery you inherited or just never wear anymore, and have them redesigned into new heirloom pieces that are unique to you. Upon recycling your gold jewellery with us, they will be weighed and valued accordingly which can then be used to offset some of the costs to produce a new piece of bespoke jewellery.

Preserve and honour the legacy of your loved ones with our ‘Heirloom Revival’ service. Whether you choose to refresh your heirloom’s design or repurpose it into something completely new, we are happy to make it happen for you. Let us bring your extraordinary piece back to life again for your future generations to look back upon with love and admiration.


Suzanne's Heirloom Revival Story:


"I love that attention is paid to my personal style, and what's important to me as the wearer. Every bespoke piece I have from Carrie K. is so uniquely me!"

A creative and vibrant soul, Suzanne is no shrinking violet. She came to us with a collection of gems from her travels as well as her grandfathers' Ruby ring.

Being an avid fan of statement jewellery and versatile designs, we added touches of Art Deco whilst playing homage to her Peranakan heritage with the vibrant colours in enamel. The rings were designed to be beautiful on their own, and super statement when matched with the interchangeable frames so they can be styled up for fancy occasions or styled down for dress down days.

As for the Pink Rubellite ring, we transformed it into a knuckle duster with an evil eye so no bad karma would dare mess with Suzanne, whilst playing to her personality and style.

So, here’s to the unconventional individuals whose personalities are larger than life! Never be afraid to own who you are because there can only be one of you.



1. What are three words that describe your personality that’s reflected in your jewellery pieces?

Larger than life? 🤣


2. How would you describe your jewellery preferences?

They need to make a statement. They don't always have to be large, although as I like to say "Size matters!"


3. What motivated you to want to redesign your heirloom jewellery?

So that I could/would wear them! Otherwise, they'd just be sitting in a box, unseen and unappreciated. Jewellery is meant to be worn and admired.


4. Who did the ruby ring belong to? And is there a story behind it?

The ruby came from my late grandfather's ring which my mum inherited after he died. I was about three years old when he passed so I only have a very vague memory of him and him wearing this ruby ring. I suppose this brings him closer to me.


5. Which is your favourite ring out of the 3 rings and which particular aspect(s) of the design do you like most?

The ruby ring is my favourite. The fact that it belonged to my grandfather is one big reason. The vibrant colours that were chosen also pay homage to my Peranakan heritage. And I love the Art Deco inspiration behind the design. Plus the fact that the frames are interchangeable with my peridot ring is a big plus because I like versatility.



For more heirloom revival inspirations, follow us on Instagram (@carriek_rocks).
There will certainly be more lovely pieces that pique your interest!

To get a valuation on your old gold jewellery and discuss creative possibilities for your heirloom pieces, simply book an appointment here. We can’t wait to help forge memorable heirlooms for you and your loved ones!

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