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If you have only just started researching diamonds or are feeling confused after reading 23,690’ve come to the right place! 

Before you proceed on with this article, it is recommended you refer to our beginner’s guide on “Everything You Need to Know About Diamonds.” If you’ve already done so, then proceed on!

Conventional wisdom says that when buying diamonds, one should focus on the 4Cs - Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour. However, if you only had to focus on one, it should definitely be the cut. 

It is not the colour, but the cut that determines the “fire” and sparkle of a diamond. When a cut is right, a half carat diamond can stand out more than a bigger sized carat. 

Read on to find out why we say cut is the king of the 4Cs of a diamond! 

What is Diamond Cut?

Many may mistake this for a diamond’s shape. However, these are actually two separate aspects. Diamond shape only refers to the outline shape of a diamond when you look at it from the top down (i.e. round, oval, princess, cushion, etc). 

The Ultimate Diamond Shapes Guide - How to Save like a ProImage credits:

On the other hand, diamond cut specifically refers to the quality of a diamond’s proportion, symmetry and polish. With a good blend of all three, this combination will determine how well the facets of a diamond can create sparkle and brilliance when they interact with light. 

Below is a comparison of a well cut diamond and a substandard cut diamond. As shown, the diamond on the left faces up whiter and reflects more light while the one on the right looks much duller in comparison and displays a rather disorderly contrast. 

Image credits:

How to Use Cut to Pull Off a ‘Bigger’ Ring

Perhaps your budget may not allow for a 1 carat ring or higher, don’t be disheartened as there is another way to get a ‘bigger’ ring. A well-proportioned cut can make any diamond (of any size) look bigger than it actually is and enhance its surface colour. Additionally, the remaining 3Cs (carat, colour, clarity) will be uplifted in the process.

Essentially, in a well-cut diamond, a large percentage of light gets reflected back from the diamond and into the viewer’s eyes. This results in the diamond looking bright and lustrous. 

how the cut of the diamond affects light rays

How Do I Choose The Perfect Cut?

Unfortunately, there is no fixed formula to selecting the best cut as multiple factors such as diamond shape will come into play. As jewellers, it is our job to guide you to your perfect diamond. Book an appointment with us to receive a personalised consultation or sign up for our complimentary diamond workshop to learn more!

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