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Speaking of classics with a twist, the Carrie K. pearl earrings is a modern take on the traditional pearl earrings. With subtle details that make every piece extraordinary, the Carrie K. pearl earrings can be paired with other Carrie K. ear jackets and drops to make it more versatile. Whether it’s for daily wear or a statement piece for the evening, the Carrie K. pearl earrings are a must-have in your little jewellery box.
Icon Studs S$498.00
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Icon Studs (9K Gold) S$998.00
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Tahitian Pearl Studs S$1,398.00
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Akoya Pearl Studs S$898.00
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Keshi Freshwater Pearl Studs S$338.00
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Freshwater Pearl Studs from S$298.00
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Sirocco Earrings S$1,998.00
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Mistral Earrings S$1,798.00
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Bora Earrings (0.03) S$1,298.00
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8mm Hanadama Akoya Pearl Ear Studs S$1,298.00
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Icon Double Drop S$1,298.00
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Pearl Star Ear Jacket S$398.00
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Nuovo Akoya S$1,298.00
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Nuovo Diamond Tahitian S$1,698.00
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Nuovo Freshwater S$998.00
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Pearl Pave Trilliant Jacket S$598.00
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Icon Drop S$878.00
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Ring Size Chart


1. Measure your fingers at the end of day as your finger size will be different at different times of the day.
Fingers tend swell up during the course of the day as your blood pressure rises.

2. Measure your finger size 3 to 4 times to get a more accurate measure.

3. Your fingers might also swell if you are pregnant or if you are on medication. Take this into account when measuring your fingers.


Here are some tips on how you can measure your finger:

First, cut a cardboard strip measuring 0.5cm wide and 15cm long.
Then, wrap the cardboard around the finger to be sized.
Once it’s done, slide the cardboard up to the knuckle, as the ring must be sized large enough to able to slip off and on, over the knuckle.

Next, use a pen to mark on the cardboard where the long end overlaps.
Measure the mark from the end of the length of paper or string with a ruler.
Locate your ring size by locating your measurement against our size chart.
Should the measurement falls in between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size.


 Inner Circumference Carrie K. Size/ US, Canada, Mexico UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand Italy, Spain, Netherlands France Germany
46.8 mm 4 H 6.75 46 1/2 15
48 mm 4.5 I 8 47 3/4 15 1/4
49.3 mm 5 J 1/2 9.25 49 15 3/4
50.6 mm  5.5 K 1/2 10.5 50 1/4 16
51.9 mm 6 L 1/2 11.75 52 3/4 16 1/2
53.1 mm 6.5 M 1/2 13.25 54 17
54.4 mm 7 N 1/2 14.5 55 1/4 17 1/4