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Si Dian Jin

for your big day and every day after

Discover timeless bridal jewellery for your wedding day and every day after. Carrie K.’s versatile Si Dian Jin is designed for the modern bride who appreciates a touch of heritage.

Style your Si Dian Jin

We help customize modern wedding jewellery sets with designs that match each unique brides’ taste, personality, wedding outfits and everyday style.

Consult with our in-house jewellery stylist and bring along pictures of your wedding outfits, or other inspiration, so that we can help you select your perfect match.

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Meaningful bridal jewellery designed for the modern bride for your wedding day and every day after.

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The Tradition of Si Dian Jin

The origins of this tradition dates back centuries, where houses in the Teochew provinces had 4 curved rooftops that look like “Jin”. So when the groom’s mother gives the bride Si Dian Jin 四点金, it means to welcome her into the family, and promise that she will always have a roof over her head and will be taken care of.

Each Carrie K. Si Dian Jin 四点金 design conveys stories from our Asian heritage. A meaningful reminder of our culture to be passed down, so our heritage stories continue to be told from generation to generation.

Modern brides are opting for alternatives to traditional yellow gold jewellery, featuring gems like diamonds, pearls and Jade Si Dian Jin in rose or white gold, modern heirlooms to be enjoyed long after the wedding.

Tradition with a modern twist, our versatile Si Dian Jin jewellery is designed to be styled up for your special day, and styled down for your every day after.

A Betrothal Gift for Every Day After

Discover your dream bridal jewellery by booking an appointment with us.

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